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Woman Climbs Lamppost and Performs Gravity-Defying Stunts

She is definitely every guy’s dream.

Remember the English idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, there is a reason why this is perfect for this video right here. A woman with blue-colored hair, seemingly dressed for a certain occasion, can be seen climbing a lamppost like it is such an easy task.

A video of her is circulating online, earning praises from people on social media. The footage starts with her smiling and slowly walking towards the lamppost. And for a woman perfectly dressed up like her, one cannot certainly tell what she is up to.

Are you ready to be mesmerized?

Whether or not she is drunk, we can tell that she has some serious talent there. She throws her high heels and begins climbing. And she does it gracefully, so to speak. It is as if she is born to do this type of thing.

And oh, the fun does not stop there. As soon as she finally reaches the top, she performs some incredible stunts. She uses one end of the post as a pull-up bar and performs 10 or more pull-ups.

You go, girl!

But we mentioned stunts, right? Yes, that is because apart from pull-ups, she does some sort of pole dancing moves. Or perhaps, they are gymnastic tricks. Well, in any case, she perfectly nails it. It seems this girl has a bag full of tricks, and we cannot wait to see more from her.

The video quickly went viral, gaining applause and praises from people online. Some gave her “thumbs up,” while others sang praises because of the tricks she did.

Time to put this lamppost into good use.

Go ahead and watch the video (embedded below) yourself. We are pretty sure you are going to fall in love with her.

Here is that footage of her:

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So, what do you think about of this woman’s awesome stunts? Do you know someone who can also perform what she did? Either that, let us know what you think in the comments below!


Nanny Confesses To Kidnapping Little Boy, Raising Him As Her Own For 26 Years

After working for her employer for three days, He Xiaoping took the boy and gave him a new identity.

Forty-eight-year-old Chinese woman He Xiaoping from Nanchong in Sichuan Province, China lost two of her kids when they were babies. Devastated, she asked some advice from village elders, who told her that raising one from a different family is the only way she can have children. She ended up kidnapping the one-year-old boy that belonged to her employer.

Twenty-six years later, after raising the boy as her own, Xiaoping decided to confess everything to the police and incriminate herself. According to Xiaoping, a TV documentary that told the story of a woman who spent 50 years searching for her son prompted her to come clean.

Xiaoping admitted to abducting her 27-year-old son when he was just an infant.


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Woman Using Her GoPro Accidentally Captures a Taiwanese Man Drowning at a Waterfall

“At that point we had no idea what was going on. We thought some sort of animal was in the water.”

24-year old Anneka Bading was having fun swimming at MacKenzie Falls in the Grampians National Park, west of Melbourne, Australia. She was with her two friends and was filming herself using her GoPro when something tragic happened - a Taiwanese man was drowning while his friends desperately tries to save him. It was all caught on camera.

Bading was swimming near the Taiwanese man and his friends, who were sitting on a rock near the waterfall. Her back was turned to them and she was using her GoPro to take a video.

Seconds later, she and her friends heard the men screaming, and they saw the Taiwanese man drowning.


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25 Complete Strangers Who Didn’t Expect to Meet Their Doppelgangers

#12 is actually pretty scary.

It is actually a strange, surprising truth that there may be someone out there that looks exactly like you - even though you are not related. And interestingly, there are people who have really met their doppelgangers in real life.

For this post, Elite Readers has compiled a list of individuals who happen to have met their lookalikes. And obviously, all of them did not expect it to happen. Scroll down below and see their epic reactions!

#1. Now this is really cute!


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