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Superstitious Villagers Convinced Dragons Are Real After Finding Mysterious 60-Foot Skeleton

In China, everything is possible. Even (and especially) giant flying reptile worms.

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From time to time, the internet explodes with news of supposedly new “finds” involving strange beasts and other bizarre phenomena. Some of these unearthed discoveries include dual-headed animals, shapeless blobs, “aliens,” and strange creatures washed ashore from the deep.

In other cases, people are astounded when “evidence” of totally mythical beings suddenly make an appearance. Like the huge collection of bones Chinese villagers found in a field

Apparently, they appear to be the remains of a 60-foot-long animal.

Source: AsiaWire
Maybe something that used to look this:

Or maybe even this:

Source: Oh My Disney

In any case, the superstitious residents of small backwater Zhangjiakou in northern Hebei Province claim the bones only prove that dragons really exist.

Based on the lengthy spine and two tiny arm bones with claws, they say this may very well be an example of a traditional Chinese dragon.

The kind that has no wings, but nonetheless “swims” through the air.

Source: AsiaWire

The complete skeleton had a head with horns, which uncannily resembled the skull of a local cow.


Source: AsiaWire

The villagers appear in a video clustering around the remains. Some looking very much in awe at beholding the remains of a legend.

Others rode the “beast” and took selfies for posterity.

Source: AsiaWire

Viewers who saw the viral video commented that not all the locals may have been convinced the remains were the real deal. If they did, they would have shown proper respect for it instead of treating the bones like some carnival ride or a fairground exhibit.

Others opined the collection of bones looked very much like those of cows and sheep. And wouldn’t the skeleton have been scattered all over the place if wild animals scavenged the body?

Instead it appeared curiously undamaged and put-together.

At present, no experts have yet come forward to present their findings. Neither have any pranksters admitted to intentionally laying the ribby skeleton where it would easily be found.

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