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Man Builds Makeshift Raft To Save Swan’s Eggs From Rising Water




  • Rob Adamson of Jones Boatyard went viral after saving a swan and her eggs.
  • He built a makeshift raft for them when he noticed the rising water levels.
  • Rob described the swan as “the unluckiest” because her eggs have been destroyed several times in the past.
  • He said he wanted to “make sure they survived” this time.

Rob Adamson is a kindhearted man. He recently gained some attention online after his story made rounds on social media. As it appears, our guy here is a hero who went out of his way to make a raft to help save a swan and her eggs.

According to reports we’ve seen on the web, Rob noticed that water levels began rising in St Ives, Cambridgeshire. As someone who has looked after the swan for the past 10 years, he knew something had to be done. Besides, the swan’s eggs has previously been destroyed by foxes and floods.

“She is the unluckiest swan,” said Rob. “I needed to make sure they survived.”

Rob lives and works at Jones Boatyard so when he saw the waters reaching the nest, he made a DIY raft that could accommodate both the swan and all her eggs.

He also shared:

“You’re not supposed to interfere, but it had got to the point where they were all going to die. I couldn’t go to bed knowing that. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t do anything to save them. The dad was watching ,too, but neither of them attacked me. I think they knew it was their best chance.”

Fortunately, his hard work paid off as the eight eggs eventually hatched – much to Rob’s happiness!

“I have been pacing around the marina like an expectant dad for the last week,” he confessed.

Social media netizens have since applauded Rob for what he did.

“When I saw them start to hatch I was so happy, I was bouncing around like a kid at Christmas. It’s like winning the lottery,” added Rob.

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