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5-Year-Old Artist Already Getting Commissioned For Her Paintings




  • Nadia Lacson, 5 years old, is already an amazing painter despite her tender age.
  • Her parents gave her art materials during the pandemic and she has since discovered her love for art.
  • Now she’s doing paintings and is already getting commissions.

These days, it’s truly impressive how some kids can be so talented at an early age. Case in point, a 5-year-old girl from the Philippines is already making a name for herself as an artist. In fact, people are already commissioning her!

Meet Nadia Lacson, a self-taught painter who discovered her love for art during the pandemic. Since her parents Tippy and Nico are always working from home, they tried to look for something that could keep her busy while they did their jobs.

Nadia Lacson, 5, is already getting commissioned to do paintings.

In an AsianParent exclusive, Tippy said:

“We were just at home, and Nadia really wanted to be with us all the time. She thought it would be play time every day with us. But as much as we want to give her attention, it’s really difficult when you’re working at the same time.”

So they gave her some art materials.

Nadia initially drew with crayons but eventually learned to use paint.

“It started like a normal 4-year old’s work, you know, random lines. Then she graduated to color blocking with water color, then I had acrylic paints lying around so she used that too,” said the proud mom, who is a lawyer by profession.

The young creative has since discovered a style of her own.

A painting Nadia did after her dad showed her photos he took in Siargao.

“She started mixing poster paint, layering the poster paint with water color, then she discovered this marbling thing with it, where the colors would somehow marble,” shared Tippi.

This has surprised Tippy and Nico because while they both have artistic relatives, Nadia has not seen their works at all.

“The style is completely her own. You know when they say that kids are natural artists? I think she’s the perfect example of that,” she remarked.

They have since signed up Nadia for an art class to enhance her talents and technique.

“In terms of foreseeing what her future career will be, I really leave that up to her to decide. We’re just here to hone her and to guide her,” said Tippy.

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