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McDonald’s Recruitment Poster Offers New Employees With Free iPhone After Working For 6 Months




  • An Altamont, Illinois McDonald’s branch has an offer for new recruits: free iPhone if they work for six months and ‘meet employment criteria.’
  • The said offer was photographed and posted on Twitter by user @brodawg_, which has since gone viral online.
  • Netizens had mixed reactions about the offer, with one commenting, ”They could just offer livable wage instead of these theatrics.”

A McDonald’s store located in Altamont, Illinois has recently gained a lot of attention on social media because of their unique way of attracting new workers: they’re actually offering free iPhones.

In a Twitter post by user @brogawd_, a ‘Now hiring. Free iPhone’ sign can be seen on the restaurant’s window. In the poster, we read that hired individuals who meet certain “employment criteria” will get a new phone after six months.

The netizen took a snapshot and later posted it on his account with the caption “LMFAO G MCDONALD’S IS STARVING.”

The tweet has since gone viral online with more than 226,000 likes and 35,800 shares as of this writing.

Other netizens on Twitter later had mixed reactions about the recruitment poster, with one saying:

“Okay and then you see that fine print, after the 6 months is up they’re going to make up an excuse about why you didn’t qualify to get the iPhone.“

Someone also shared:

“I was a manager at McDonald’s. They had a thing where if you passed the secret shopper, the manager on the floor would get $100. I passed but since I had put in my two weeks, they said I didn’t qualify for some dumb reason. They will absolutely switch up the qualifications on you”

Another commented:

“They could just offer livable wage instead of these theatrics.”

According to reports, the unspecified Illinois store is the only McDonald’s branch with such an offer. It also remains unknown whether the branch is franchise or corporate-owned. Wage there is at $13 per hour while minimum wage in the state is at $11 per hour.

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