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New Zealand Police Comes Up With The Coolest Recruitment Video For Applicants

This is by far the coolest recruitment video ever.

The New Zealand Police force is looking for new recruits. To persuade possible applicants, the department has come up with the coolest and funniest recruitment video ever. The video has gone viral since it was released online.

In the viral video, the police officers showcased their skills, agility, and endurance as they sprinted and dashed from danger – and then somersaulted throughout the country’s major streets.

The officers showcased their ninja-like athleticism in the viral video.

More importantly, they showed how the police department is available to assist everyone in the community, even elders and children.

They also said that there are more than 30 different careers a recruit can choose from should he or she decide to become a cop.

In fact, the video itself had more than 70 police officers and a helicopter, to create a cool yet informative recruitment video.

The video included top raking Police Commissioner Mike Bush, who said that the department aims to make the country, the safest in the world.

Mr. Bush said:

“New Zealand police are striving to increase our overall staff numbers over the next three years to meet our objective of being the safest country, and to deliver on the Government’s signaled staffing increase.”

Mike Bush added that the recruitment video has become successful in just 12 hours since it was aired in New Zealand.

“Our new recruitment video is working for us. At 9 a.m. today there had been an 800 percent increase in traffic to the ‘New Cops’ website since the launch of the video. As well as this, 333 full profiles have been created by people interested in joining us.”

“It’s exciting to see so many people embracing our approach to recruitment and sharing the message online with potential future officers.”

Watch the full recruitment video here:

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Six-Year-Old Russian Model Hailed As the Newest Most Beautiful Girl In The World

She’s considered as the next Thylane Blondeau.

People are mesmerized by the beauty of a Russian girl who’s only six years old. The youngster has just been hailed as the newest holder of the title “most beautiful girl in the world,” and is quickly following the footsteps of Thylane Blondeau, who was once the prettiest girl and the youngest French Vogue model.

Anastasia Knyazeva has gained massive admiration from people all over the world. Her seemingly impeccable beauty managed to amass a legion of fans online with over half a million netizens devotedly following her on Instgram.

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Woman Who Almost D**d Saving Kids From House Fire Recovers And Marries Their Father

A mother woke up to see her home quickly burning down, and she just knew what to do.

A mother’s love for her children is so strong that she can sacrifice everything including her own life just to ensure their wellness. For Angel Fiorini, pulling her children to safety from their burning home is the priority, despite the fact that she could be facing death any moment.

The mother of three nearly survived a third-degree burn and other complications from rescuing her children from a tragic house fire. She woke up around midnight when she noticed her house in Washington was already covered in thick smoke. Checking the situation, she saw the opposite of her house on fire, but the interior of their home was already burning hot.

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Photographer Proves Beautiful Photos Come From Skills By Shooting In ‘Ugly’ Places

This woman photographer shows how amazing photos are a result of pure skills by shooting in ugly places with her camera as her only tool.

Photographers have some knack for turning an already-wonderful scene into a more magical backdrop -- thanks to the high tech cameras and editing software available these days. It will certainly be difficult to find professional photos that are flawed.

While we enjoy looking at the huge compilation of photos taken from the most amazing places in the world, one photographer dares to sway out of the norm and stage a photoshoot in ugly places. With the help of her friend, who sports a goddess-like beauty, the duo chose the most unexpected place to take photos and the results revealed the photographer’s true talent.

Turning a rustic place into a perfect background is Photographer Jenna Martin’s new specialty. She asked her friend Rachelle to model for her and picked Lowe's hardware store as the best spot for her new collection she called “Ugly Spots, Pretty People.” Jenna wrote about the photoshoot:

“A few weeks ago, a model friend of mine, Rachelle Kathleen, and I were planning to meet for a fun little photo shoot. Instead of searching out the usual beautiful locations around where we live, I had the idea to do just the opposite. I wanted to go somewhere “ugly” by all conventional photography standards, and then see what we could do with it, and Lowe’s seemed like the perfect option.”

Jenna and Rachelle surely took on a challenge when they chose a place that “made no sense for a photoshoot.” Since Lowe's caters to a heavy population of shoppers, the duo came up with three rules to make their shoot smooth and perfect, and to show the world that any place can be a great location for taking admirable pictures.

First, the duo can only work with whatever was already in the place. They only brought a camera and left out the use of lighting devices and props. Second is to avoid making big changes to the location nor rearranging the displays. Finally, they should not disrupt the shoppers from their shopping so they agreed to stop shooting if anyone was in the background.

Working with these three rules, some outfit options, and just a camera, Jenna and Rachelle conquered the aisles of Lowe's and took some amazing photos. They secured a spot at the store’s paint samples section, the lighting section, the store aisles, and the garden section. An employee noticed them and asked if they needed any help, and when Jenna told him they were just taking a few pictures in the store, the worker had a hilarious response, saying:

“Of course! I was just wondering why she was so overdressed for a trip to the hardware store!”

Jenna and Rachelle surely had fun in filming inside Lowe's. Jenna even expressed her simple joy in doing the collection, saying:

“I have to admit, I have always wanted to shoot in front of these paint samples, so as soon as we walked in the door I made a bee-line right to them.”

Browse through some of the unedited and edited photos in Jenna Martin’s “Ugly Spots, Pretty People” collection and see how she turned an ordinary place into a photo-perfect backdrop.

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