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Man Shocks Reporter on How He’d Spend the Lottery Winnings




  • Man surprises the reporter with his answer on how he would use the money if he wins the lottery
  • The reporter handles the awkward interview professionally
  • She receives multiple praises and good reactions on Twitter

Do you know someone who won a million-worth prize in the lottery? It cannot be argued that the lottery is very famous all over the world. Millions of people play the lottery in the hopes of getting a huge amount of money to secure their future or buy the things that they desire. Since people even play the lottery and put a higher bet as the mega-million prize increases. Especially if they knew someone personally who wins. It escalates their desire to play. 

Winning a jackpot prize in a lottery will surely change a person’s life. There are only a few very lucky people who got their hands into millions without a single sweat poured. Of course, the chances of winning are indeed very low but still, a lot of people want to put their bet into it. It is said to be one percent out of one million. Here, one reporter happens to interview a man in the name of James who tries his luck by putting his bet into Powerball Jackpot – a multimillion jackpot lottery prize. It is not the usual interview that appears on National television because the man answered the reporter that he will buy a supercharged Mustang and a mountain of Cocaine. 

The reporter is Kori Johnson of KSLA TV, a CBS affiliate in Shreveport. She asked James how he would spend if he wins the nearly 700 million US dollars. On National television James said: 

“Well, I’m going to get a new supercharged Mustang with dual exhausts, and about five kilos of cocaine, and I’ll be good to go.”

This has surely agitated the interview because it is not the answer anyone has expected. But the situation is handled perfectly by the reporter by switching the negative answer statement.

“So, you like cars?”

Johnson replied.

She further engaged Doug Warner, a KSLA anchor in the studio by saying:

“I don’t like cars. I don’t know what I would do with all of that money. I would have to sit on it, pray on it for a day. Figure out what I want to do with it,”

Man telling reporter he'll spend his lotto winnings on cocaine

“But Doug, back to you”

It is axiomatic that Johnson and Warner have shown professionalism and wit in handling the situation. They know their craft. They indirectly address the statement of James. And so, Johnson has obtained various attention and praise on the internet.

Andrew Brightman, a KSLA Morning meteorologist said: 

“KoriJohnsonKLSA handled the nonsense amazingly well”

“You kept rolling though I would’ve fell out.”

said Ced on Twitter.

A certain The Gentleman Masher also shared his reaction:

“It reminded me of when a small child tells you something ridiculous or concerning… You just kind of talk past the insanity and focus on something somewhat normal to stay calm.” 

This is genuinely true. James was like a small kid asked by some relative or stranger during parties or family gatherings the question “what will you do if you have a million money?” His reaction was the legit statement a small kid would reply.

Interestingly, James did not win the multimillion mega  Powerball jackpot. However, he won the interest of many in his peculiar way of spending the lottery money.

People all over the internet were truly amazed by this peculiar interview. I wonder how would other reporters handle this type of encounter. If you were the reporter, how would you turn this situation? 

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