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Florida Man Catches and “Recycles” Alligator in Driveway




  • Man captures an alligator in his neighbor’s yard in Florida
  • He uses a trash can to catch it
  • He puts the alligator back safely to the nearest lake 

Imagine yourself chilling in the neighborhood’s yard, sipping a cup of coffee or tea early in the morning. But suddenly, a ferocious alligator came to join in the party.

A lot of people are saying that Florida is a kingdom of alligators, and it is true. Alligators love to stroll over to places, and they could be found interestingly everywhere – on the roads, pools, and backyards. 

Some alligators love to hang out in golf courses, but people have always found a way to drive them away safely. Yet, there are still several cases where these monstrous animals breach into the fences of people’s houses.

Alligators are considered to be one of the most vital predators in the animal kingdom. They dominate the rivers, swamps, and lakes. They become famous because of their appearances in the news and crazy movies, especially in Florida because of its wetlands.

Florida man captures neighborhood alligator in trash can

NEIGHBORHOOD HERO: This Florida man took matters into his own hands, using a trash can to capture an alligator in front of a home before releasing the reptile into a nearby body of water.

Posted by ABC7 News on Thursday, September 30, 2021

This is an interesting story of an alligator who was found in front of a home in Florida and was captured by a man by using only a trash can. This footage shows how this Florida man bravingly put the matters into his hands by pushing a trash can towards the aggressive alligator and successfully captured it inside the bin.

Interestingly, they don’t settle in swampy areas. And you may see an alligator swimming in a puddle or even visiting your neighborhood.

He immediately drove the alligator back to the nearest lake upon its seizure.

This video was posted on Facebook, and it has earned multiple praises and reactions from the netizens.

“Now that a freaking superhero! Heck yeah, dude! Way to save the day. (And the neighbors, and the kids, and everybody’s pets!) Heck. Yes!”

said Charlene Sneddon Rigby.

“Amazing. We need more of THIS kind of Florida man!”

Keith Spargo also commented.

Furthermore, Rhonda Robinson said,

“And he did it in flip flops…pretty amazing! That’s pretty gangsta!”

A certain Jessica Silva said,

“Granted it was dangerous was still impressive to watch, nicely done. DIY alligator removal.”

“I will take lizards any day of the week. The man did a good job. Taking it and releasing the guy back where it is safe to release. Poor guy got a good hit on his/her head.”

said Christine J. Lockwood-Barron

“That’s a real man protecting his neighborhood and family. That’s big!”

Christopher Martinez said.

But amidst the superhero act of the Florida man, there are also comments from netizens who are seemingly discontented by the capture.

Kyng Darius said, “After he caught it, he should have called animal control that way. They could have taken it away from the neighborhood.”

“They would have killed it,” suggested Sherry Breeden Delahoy

“It’s better than it killing a little kid playing. It’s too close to people. It can be released somewhere else.” spoke Kyng Darius.

“Not very smart. One phone call to Animal control is the smart way of dealing with this. Sonia Tellez argued. 

The incident has caused some people to comment negative thoughts on living in and some who plan to live in Florida. 

“This is why I don’t live in Florida,” said Cathy Lumsden Jackson

Yayah Santos also said, “Yeah, definitely not moving to Florida Cecy Miranda. I take that back.”

But Nicolas Lanfranco Peña rebuts: “So funny how many people say see that’s why Florida is crazy. I lived in Florida for 16 years and would fish lakes and ponds all the time, and I’ve seen two gators my whole life. They don’t just walk down the road every day everywhere. This is not an everyday thing. Social media is so funny, man. My friends and I would legit go look for gators and never find any.

Among these various reactions caught on Facebook, Justin Nema was my favorite. He said:

“Or just send it over to Gucci and have them send you some shoes and a couple of bags back.”

Or, in a second thought, “Why wouldn’t you want an alligator guarding your front door? Said Daniel Otero.

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