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Man Joins Search Operation Not Realizing He’s the One Missing




  • A man was lost in the forest
  • A man joins a search party looking for himself
  • He was drunk and wandered away from his friends in the woods
  • He found himself in a group along with others looking for himself

We all love drinking alcohol especially together with our closest friends, colleagues, family members, and even strangers. Imagine a party or any gathering without drinking alcohol. Drinking has been with us through our happy moments and our struggles. It is never absent during the highlights of a person’s life. Birthday celebrations, wedding celebrations, graduations, work promotions, and of course during heartaches, you name it.

Police in Turkey searching for lost man who'd joined their party

As far as drinking is concerned, it was found out that the drinking habits of a person’s co-workers or neighbors had no significant effect on their alcohol consumption. However, this story defies all the stereotypes about drinking. Meet a man in Turkey whose story of drinking has mustered the attention of the public. 

Beyhan Mutlu, A Turkish man living in Inegol District of Northwest Turkey’s Bursa province was reported by the local media to be missing and unknowingly joined search parties looking for himself in the forest. The Daily Sabah Website reported that during his getaway with his friends, he strolled away from his friends in the woods while drunk.

The local media did not describe the topographical site of the forest. It must have been vast and dark enough to separate him away from his friends. It appears to be a funny story that you may see in the movies but it happened in real life. 

After several hours of his absence, his wife and friends decided to declare him missing because they could not find him in the area. All of them are drunk and eventually, his friends gave up finding him themselves and submitted a report to the authorities. 

Later, the missing 50-year-old Mr. Mutlu unknowingly found himself along with the group in the area who were in a quest to help the authorities search for him. Everything was set to go for the search operations by his group of friends and authorities. In the middle of the rescue, one of the members of the party was calling out his name. He replied to the voice calling him.

“I am here!”

said, Mr. Mutlu.

The search party was successful because, in the first place, the missing person was together with them all this time. 

NTV reported that the authorities drive him back to his home since he was still tipsy and gathered a statement from Mr. Mutlu about the funny accident. However, it was not yet confirmed if he may be charged with a violation of any offense and whether he may be faced with a penalty for his negligence and the disturbance he caused.

If you were a friend of Mr. Mutlu or a member of the search party, how would you react to this hilarious situation? If I were his friend, I’d probably give him a good beating.

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