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Meet The Gorgeous Actress Who Portrayed Zombie Queen In ‘Army Of The Dead’




  • Actress Athena Perample, 29, portrayed Army of the Dead’s Zombie Queen.
  • A trained dancer since she was a young girl, Athena eventually ended up doing stunt work for Hollywood movies and TV shows.
  • Audiences who saw Army of the Dead sympathized with her character, thanks to her convincing acting.

If you’ve already watched Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead,’ then we suppose you know this one thing: the Zombie Queen is one of the movie’s most memorable characters.

It’s not often that the undead somehow gets some spotlight in these movies but the character was so compelling, especially when the audience discovered she’s actually pregnant. Her acting was so effective that people ended up feeling sympathetic for the character.

The actress behind the Zombie Queen, of course, is 29-year-old Athena Perample.

According to reports, Athena has a long list of stunt work projects under her name, both for movies and television shows. In fact, she has appeared as a stunt double on American Horror History, Animal Kingdom, Countdown, Euphoria, Glee, Legion, Terminator: Dark Fate, and Wanda Vision, among others.

Apparently, Athena is also a trained dancer who started training at 11 years old. Years later, she made it as a Los Angeles Clippers dancer.

After her great performance in the Army of the Dead, we couldn’t help but feel like we’re gonna be seeing more of this actress in more films and shows in the near future.

Meanwhile, you can follow Athena Perample over at her official Instagram page.

Go watch this video to see for yourself:

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Army of the Dead’s synopsis tells us what the film is all about:

“After a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries takes the ultimate gamble by venturing into the quarantine zone for the greatest heist ever.”

You can check out the full trailer here:

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