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Couple Turns Double Decker Bus Into Their Dream Home. Now They’re Living Mortgage Free!




  • UK couple Charlie MacVicar and Luke Walker bought a double decker bus and transformed it into their dream home.
  • The couple now lives mortgage-free and only pays a small amount for parking their bus home in the land owned by Charlie’s dad.
  • The couple said having a bus home is “the best thing” they’ve ever done.

Lovers Charlie MacVicar, 26, and Luke Walker, 27, wanted to avoid the potential financial burdens of renting or having their own house. So when they finally decided to move in together, they eventually came up with the idea of living in a double decker bus instead.

The pair turned the vehicle into a dream home and according to the pair, it has proven to be a wise decision.

They bought a double decker bus for £2,500 ($3,470) and spent about £15,000 ($20,830) for the conversion.

In an interview, Charlie shared:

“We love to travel and wanted a hub that we could return home to and then leave again and have a lot of flexibility. We loved the TV show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and [our project] was inspired by some of the builds on the show. We went back and forth over a shipping container to a caravan and finally settled for a double-decker bus.”

“Me and my partner wanted to live together but we didn’t want to be tied down to a huge mortgage or pay huge amounts in rent,” she continued.

So they later went ahead and purchased a red Go-Ahead London Volvo Plaxton bus and began the conversion work.

It wasn’t easy turning the vehicle into a home but they didn’t hesitate to seek professional help.

As Charlie pointed out:

“The electric, plumbing, and carpentry were done by either family or professionals. As much as we would like to take credit for the hard work, we certainly couldn’t have done it without others.”

Check out the photos below to see the bus home’s transformation and it’s amazing interiors:

“It’s the best thing me and my boyfriend have done,” she remarked. “We love living here and the freedom it gives us”

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