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Prankster ‘Magically’ Stops Escalator And Shows How You Can Do It, Too!

Apparently, stopping an escalator is really easy, according to this prankster.

We’ve seen all sorts of pranks – from the hilarious ones to the morbid. But personally, it’s the magic-related ones that always get me. They’re mostly fun and amazing. In some instances, however, they can likewise be slightly annoying.

Take it from Alex Mandel, a YouTuber who came up with the idea of pranking people in public by ‘magically’ stopping an escalator. How did he do it and how did the people react to the prank? Well you can check it all out at the video below!

YouTube prankster Alex Mandel knows how to stop an escalator from working – and you can do it, too!

Source: YouTube

The said prank video shows Alex telling viewers about what they can expect from his act. Also, he took the time to explain how anyone can easily make an escalator stop.

As Alex shared:

“The best part about it is no one in the escalator knows why it happened or that you made it happen.”

It’s really simple and easy, according to the YouTube prankster.

Source: YouTube

All it takes is a proper feet and hands positioning – plus a little bit of force. It’s really “way easier than you would think,” said Alex.

Watch the prank video here:

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Apparently, the prank video received mixed reactions online.

Source: YouTube

Although the clip has earned millions of views since it was uploaded, netizens reacted differently to the prank.

One netizen wrote:

“Well done for sharing this. Now a whole load of idiots (including me) will be doing this everywhere.”

Another commented:

“Not too smart. Could be an elderly or a woman holding a baby… Could get someone hurt very badly.”

Meanwhile, someone added:

“Definitely check who’s on the escalator. If there’s a baby, old man, kids, disabled people, blind people etc. don’t do it.”

Well what do you think about this prank, folks? Is it harmless fun or potentially dangerous? Tell us what you think about it by leaving a comment below.

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Two Girls Work Out At The Gym “Wearing” Only Body Paint

That’s some awesome painting work!

Two brave girls went to a gym wearing almost nothing but body paint in an attempt to see whether other gym-goers would even notice.

Fitness fans Sarah Reilly and Maria Luciotti partnered with renowned body painter Jen Seidel for the social experiment at a gym in Baltimore, Maryland where they worked out with only body paint as their clothes.

That’s some awesome painting work!

The amazingly done body paint made Sarah and Maria appears wearing innocent leggings and workout bras. It’s so realistic that some unsuspecting people didn’t even noticed the difference.

Jen Seidel and her painting partner designed a purple, grey and pink ensemble on Maria, complete with faux capri pants. Sarah, meanwhile, seemed to be sporting a grey and hot pink outfit with a geometrical pattern.

Sarah and Maria explored several areas of the gym and even tried out a few moves on steppers before Jen finally asked the employee to take a closer look at the duo’s outfits.

It was only then that the employee realized that Sarah and Maria were wearing body paint in lieu of clothing. She promptly reassured the group that it was alright, and that staff members wouldn’t prohibit something they couldn’t even notice.

Watch the video:

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Prankster Sets Up Fake Porn Star Casting Couch Auditions, The Interview Is Funny As F*ck

What does math have to do with porn star casting couch auditions? Watch a YouTuber prank aspiring adult film stars in this hilarious video!

Youtube is filled with hilarious videos we can binge all day to ease our stresses. The site even has a huge collection of pranks of different plots from gold digger hunting to free kiss pleading and the sick bf and gf prank wars among many others.

You probably heard about Vitaly who currently rules the world of pranking people. He now has over a billion views on his videos but his fame has some price to pay. Most of his jokes already sent him behind the bars, but this doesn’t seem to stop him from staging more ridiculous acts in the future.

This porn star casting prank surely had a funny result.

Source: youtube

Among the pranks emerging on the internet though, setting up fake situations is becoming highly popular. Although there were some who took the joke to some insane level, taking advantage of the camera to commit a crime, just like one bloke who called for a fake couch interview just to have sex with unsuspecting women.

Youtube star and prank caller Ross Everett creates a different fake couch interview joke though. His is surely not unscrupulous and the result of the prank came out really hilarious.

Comedian Ross Everett invited some porn star aspirants to a supposed adult film casting couch auditions.

Source: twitter

Ross gathered people who are pretty interested in star in an adult film. With the room warmly lit and the couch properly positioned in front of pro cameras, he tricked some women and a bloke who desires to start some porn modeling career and the interview is funny as h*ll.

Ross Everett introduced the prank, writing:

“This video is a collection of real-life interactions that occur during adult modelling interviews. We film girls willing to do whatever it takes to land a job. I would hire them all…”

Kayden Kross was one of the two ladies on the video and she surely has the attitude that can make men reinvigorated

He even swore he never saw filthy things before adding:

“However…I’m not a real casting agent…and I’ve never seen porn.”

For sure, no one believed him saying he has never seen a whole clip of naked women doing some filthy stunts. And it’s even harder to trust his innocence when his joke went very realistic and the aspirants were so game to play along.

And here comes Summer Day with a sweet tone and is willing to do anything to become a star.

The prankster begins questioning the ladies and dude who were auditioning for the supposed adult film. Like any typical interviews, the applicants were asked about their basic information like their name before they were asked about their experience in porn films and the type of scenes they would be comfortable to shoot.

Things got weird though when Ross swayed away from the topic. He begins to test their skills in Mathematics and their ability and willingness to help him move house.

Although puzzled by the route the interview is heading to, the interviewees still played along. What makes it so funny is there strong determination to land a job that they are willing to commit to tasks that are obviously not connected to being a porn star.

Watch the clip of the fake porn star audition prank below and indulge in some insane scenes that will surely give you a good laugh.

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Naked Woman Walks Around The Mall Wearing Nothing But Body Paint

She walked around the mall to see whether people would react. Things got pretty interesting!


If a naked woman walked around a public place, chances are, everybody will immediately take notice of her, right? It’s basically impossible for anyone to miss such a scandalous image, right?

Well apparently, things can get a bit unpredictable when some body paint is involved in the process. As we can see in the prank video below, a professional body painter worked with a model to find out how people will react if she walked around a mall naked.

Would people notice if a woman walked without clothes in a mall? This artist and this model wanted to know!

Professional body painter Jen Seidel painted model Maria Luciotti to conceal her nude body. The task took about 3 hours to complete. Shortly afterwards, they went to shopping center and tried to capture the reactions of various mall-goers.

Aside from pasties, a thong, a hat, and a scarf, Maria was practically naked.

Jen, who is also known on social media as Jen the Body Painter, got a little help from her daughter as they painted a black top and a pair of ripped jeans on Maria’s body.

The entire process took almost 3 hours to finish…

… and it’s officially done!

Jen the Body painter (left) together with her daughter and model Maria Luciotti (center).

“We walked around a mall to see if we could fool any of the people working in clothing stores,” Jen wrote on YouTube. “Some unexpected things happened.”

Watch the video here and see what exactly happened:

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Well how do you think you would react if you came across this body-painted woman? Would you be surprised? Would you immediately grab your phone? Let us know in the comment section below!

Meanwhile, feel free to follow Jen on Instagram and to subscribe to her YouTube channel.

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