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Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Converted SUV Into A State-of-The-Art Mobile Kitchen

When you love cooking so much you have to take it with you everywhere you go.


Some people always have food on their mind. Others just can’t keep away from every opportunity to make their own food, even on the go. One person, in particular, couldn’t possibly exist without taking his passion with him, even on the road.

Jamie Oliver, British celebrity chef whose television hit series “The Naked Chef” landed him on the culinary spotlight, is one such person. He insists on feeding his whole family himself with their favorite meals made by his own hand, even while traveling.

So he turned his SUV literally into a “meals on wheels.”

Super chef Jamie owns a Land Rover Discovery. And while his own home is fully-provisioned with all that he needs to whip up his signature cuisines, he decided his car ought to be similarly equipped, as well.

Apparently, his kids will eat nothing but their dad’s cooking.

Source: SWNS

In keeping with his family’s gastronomic requirements, Jamie had his vehicle converted into an ultimate fully-functional kitchen, albeit a smaller one than he has at home.

It started out like any nondescript SUV.

Then he had it fitted with a gas hob, a worktop to chop his ingredients on, a pasta maker, and even a dining table where everyone can sit down to culinary masterpieces.

Who needs a sound system when you have a built-in slow cooker?

Source: SWNS
Jamie saves a lot on restaurant bills, too.

Source: SWNS

The chef won’t travel without his own choice of ingredients, either. His luxury 4×4 houses its own herb garden and spice rack by the rear windows.

Curry, oregano, rosemary…he’s got it.

Source: SWNS

And if he needs to churn his own butter, three of his SUV’s wheels will do the job quite easily. And the fourth wheel? It’s an ice cream maker, of course.

Because kids, d-uh.

And in case one of his wee tykes gets the case of the munchies in the middle of a trip, there’s always the center console toaster to whip up a quick toast.

With jam, of course.

Source: SWNS

Chef Jamie’s Land Rover initially cost £44,000 ($58,400) when he first bought it. To turn it into the ultimate kitchen-on-the-go, he challenged Jaguar Land Rover to transform the SUV to his specifications.

£20million ($26,571,300) and a major overhaul later, his state-of-the-art “Wheels on Meals” was ready.

Chef Jamie and his extremely expensive mobile kitchen.

Source: SWNS

“I dreamt big and asked for a lot, and what they’ve done has blown my mind. I didn’t think they’d actually be able to put a slow-cooker next to the engine and an olive oil dispenser in the boot, but they did.”

His Land Rover Discovery is perfectly tailored for his family’s food needs. It includes a front-mounted rotisserie that can accommodate up to three chickens.

Grilled dinner for 12? On an SUV? No problem.

Source: SWNS

He also has custom-made aluminum sink, a barbecue, a built-in salt and pepper mill, and even a flat screen TV his kids could watch while dad whips up culinary delight after culinary delight.

Giving salt bae a run for his money.

Source: SWNS

Chef Jamie’s “Meals-on-Wheels” SUV represents a huge breakthrough for Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division. They expect clients to begin ordering special customizations for their vehicles to suit their lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Jamie Oliver and his family are eating big wherever they go.

Chef Jamie can’t stop raving about his culinary vehicle.

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