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Do You Live in One of These 15 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women on Earth?

The top fifteen countries with the hottest girls have been decided.


In all the 195 countries of the world which ones do you think have the best-looking women? I’m sure that the answers to this question will differ greatly as everyone has their own idea of what an attractive lady should look like, but data has been gathered, and conclusions have been made.

There are certainly some countries in the world that appear to be more filled with stunning females than others.

#15. Philippines

The dark-haired beauties of the Philippines are second in the world for the most placements in top beauty pageants, and are girls who are not only pretty, but sweet-natured too.




Inside An Abandoned Hotel, Once A Famous Place For Swingers In The ’60s

This hotel was once crowded with swingers back in its days.

When a reddit-user identified only as ZeRoCoo1 spent a day exploring an abandoned hotel, empty since the 1960’s, freaky things happened. Eerie Satanic symbols spray-painted on outside of the worn-down building show it has had multiple visitors, and cracks through the floors and walls are the biggest marks mother nature has left on the old hotel.

ZeRoCoo1 took pictures of a crumbling hotel in Rio de Janeiro. The hotel was called The Hotel São Conrado, and was quite known in the 1960s. It was also a famous Swinging Hot Spot during its peak. Indeed, it was a glamorous place during its busy days.

But today, it’s debatable what has been lurking in the empty halls. Bullet-hole ridden walls and burnt-out cars lay on the inside, as do the symbols of the Brazilian Red Command drug and arms trafficking cartel. However, so do the materials used in a witchcraft ceremony of ‘macumba’ often used to inflict pain, physical harm or sometimes, in the most rave of circumstances, death. These symbols of something otherworldly are spread throughout the once beautiful hotel, now marking it with a creepy atmosphere and a sense that something is lurking around the corner.

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You’ll Never Guess What’s Hidden in Walls Across the World.

Some walls around the world contains a hidden message.

Aram Bartholl, a media artist from Berlin, has been leaving a special trail from Paris to London for the whole world to discover. Called ‘USB dead drops,’ these USBs have been installed in walls of stone or other public places, hidden in plain sight, waiting for a connection. This project has been ongoing for over 5 years, people in a multitude of countries have gotten on board and started installing them in their hometowns.

Full of unknown information, dead drops work by connecting to a computer - generally a laptop - and downloading the mystery files. What are the files? It’s hard to tell without finding them yourself.

Aram Bartholl, a rather unique Berlin conceptual artist whose works show how digital inventions change our everyday lives, installed the first five Dead Drops back in 2010, in New York City. If you’re more one for mystery, keep your eyes peeled in the streets of New York, the pavements of England and the bars of Indonesia, as these little information-bullets are hiding in the most unlikely spaces all throughout the world. Just imagine the amazing things that could be revealed!

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10 Most Dangerous Places That People Risk Their Lives To Visit

If you have a death wish, feel free to visit these popular destinations.


There are certain places around the world that you should add to your travel destinations but at the same time you should try to avoid them as much as possible. I know it doesn’t make sense. It's pretty simple. These particular destinations are definitely interesting but they are also the most dangerous places on Earth. Even if the authorities already warned people about the impending dangers, it didn't stop adventurers to risks their lives just to visit these places.

#10. Yungas Road, Bolivia

This famous road in Bolivia is notoriously called "The Road of Death", that's because it already claimed hundreds, if not thousands, of lives. This world renowned dangerous route was carved from the side of the Cordillera Oriental Mountain chain in the 1930s. Many portions of the road are unpaved and lack guardrails, not to mention it is poorly maintained which leads to numerous fatal accidents every year. Despite the bad reputation, this road is a popular playground for cyclists and adventurers who considers the treacherous journey as an extreme-sport challenge.


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