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No one in their right minds enjoys doing laundry-related chores, especially the ironing. It’s time- consuming and frustrating, not to mention monotonous and exhausting. Unless you have an obsessive-compulsive disorder or happen to be a robot.

Speaking of the latter, it is perhaps the reason why a couple of young inventors (likely tired of doing their own laundry and ironing), came up with the perfect automated ironing machine to do the much-despised duty.

Yes, you can now own a robot that can do all your drying and ironing for you. All in a matter of minutes.

They call it the “Effie.”

Source: Effie

Why the two 27-year-old inventors, Rohan Kamdar and Trevor Kerth chose a female name for their sleek, futuristic machine, one can only guess. Perhaps they associate such mundane household chore to be a woman’s domain?

We’re actually feminists. See, we’re trying to make life easier for you.

Source: Effie

Kamdar does admit his mother did his ironing for him until he married his doctor wife. Apparently, she was too busy saving people’s lives to ensure his cuffs remained razor sharp.

The pair says they chose the name as a geeky play on the word “Fe,” the periodic table element symbol for metal iron.

Because like “Effie,” women are as strong and as capable as metal iron.

Source: Effie

In any case, Kamdar and Kerth claim their robot is capable of drying and ironing 12 separate pieces of clothing all at one time, within a matter of minutes. Its repertoire includes shirts, trousers, blouses, and even underwear.

“Effie” can press a three days worth of outfits in a matter of 3 minutes.

Source: Effie

Completely automated, the machine is Wi-Fi ready and comes with an app to alert users when their laundry is dry and pressed.

“Effie” lets you iron your clothes via smartphone now!

Source: Effie

In the absence of scented laundry soap or dryer sheets, you can add a scented ball to the machine’s steam tank to have your sharply pressed clothing come out smelling like a million bucks.

Or cotton freshness, whatever floats your olfactory boat.

Source: Effie

The prototype machine, selling for £699 (US$913), was built in Kamdar’s family’s garage in north London. The duo is currently working on a full version of “Effie”.

According to the inventors, “Effie” can cut ironing time by 95 percent. All end-users have to do is put clothes up inside the machine’s cabinet using its adjustable hangers.

If only “Effie” can press away our wrinkles and crows feet, too.

Source: Daily Mail

There are buttons on the side of the machine to select settings and cycles. Then “Effie’s” steam iron bar presses crumpled clothing, smoothing out any creases.

Potentially bankrupting the UK’s whole dry cleaning industry.

Source: Nigel Howard

Kamdar, an engineering major from Cambridge University, and Kerth, who holds an engineering degree from the University of California in San Diego, are enthusiastic amateur inventors.

Using 3D printers, acrylic laser cutting, and plastic molding machines, the inventors built the “Effie” prototype using 141 parts. Cutting quite the motherly figure, “Effie” measures a homely 128 cm (50″) high, 80 cm (31″) wide and 40 cm (16″) deep.

The inventor duo have already applied for a patent for their automated ironing machine.

“The idea of the device is to save time and effort. The idea of the device is to be for ironing what the washing machine is for washing clothes.

“Nobody likes doing it, no matter what they say. The point of this device is to take away the pain, that’s what we are trying to do.”

Watch the “Effie” in action and start putting away money to buy one soon.

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