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There are just some people who consider popping pimples a compelling pastime. They just can’t keep their fingers (or their nails) away from any facial bump they encounter. This proved to be true for one woman who endured looking at her husband’s four-year-old zit for the last time.

Khristina Powell, from Coalgate, Oklahoma, took on her husband, Wade’s pustule with singular determination to make any dermatologist cringe.

Khristina and Wade.

A registered nurse with an aversion to all things germy, Khristina finally decided to do something about her husband’s spot, which had been staring her in the face all these years.

She finally had enough.

The disgusting duty of popping a pimple amounted to nothing for this long-standing couple, half of whom possessed a medical background.

The pimple resided on Wade’s left cheek, just beside his nose.

Khristina got her spouse into position and placed her pink-tipped nails on opposite sides of the angry-looking zit.

Gently at first, she squeezed the spot, and a virtual avalanche of pus suddenly exploded out.

If Wade’s zit was a dormant volcano, this is how it erupted.

At first Wade wasn’t in pain, then he began to feel the squeeze when Khristina went in for the kill and crushed the pimple to death.

His eyes watered and he winced for all he was worth.

Wade’s wife was resolute, and she kept at the spot until she milked it of every bit of its cream cheese-like pus.

A shell-shocked Wade couldn’t believe the amount of thick gooey discharge the zit held. Neither could the over 200,000 Facebook viewers who watched the mesmerizing video he posted of his “procedure.”

One could only imagine how the years-old pus smelled as it exploded out of Wade’s cheek in runnels of copious white paste, spilling over to his chest.

The video proved to be as entrancing to thousands of netizens who’ve shared the clip a hundred times over.

Fortunately, Wade was grateful for his wife’s intervention.

“It was instant relief when it was over.”

The British Skin Foundation had a another opinion, however. “It’s always worth seeking help from a doctor or dermatologist when dealing with spots like this to avoid scarring and possible infection,” spokesperson Lisa Bickerstaffe said.

Still, the video proved to be a thousand time’s worth a dermatologist’s professional fee in terms of satisfaction.

Wade and Khristina definitely agree.

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