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Two Young Kids Use Themselves as Bait to Catch Huge Snakes and Earn a Living

Some of those reptiles are even bigger than they are!


When you are seven or eight and are a child of privilege, the most pressing time schedule you have might include first or second grade, a sport or two, gadget time, TV time, eating, and sleep. This isn’t always true for young children in third world countries. Many are out of school and helping their families eke out a living. Often, risking their lives.

Like this brother and sister pair, for instance. They catch huge snakes for a living.

Some of those reptiles are even bigger than they are.

The terrifying video has been making rounds online. It shows a rural Cambodian countryside where two siblings search along parched rice paddies to find the biggest snake they could catch.

Can you imagine a 7 or 8-year-old wrestling with large, thick snakes on a daily basis?

Because his family needs to eat too, you know.

The little boy of the pair even used himself as bait to lure the snake out into the open. Being the younger one, he probably got the short end of the straw and had no choice in the matter.

The video first appeared in Cambodia Daily Life’s YouTube channel, and it has terrified the pants out of the hundreds of thousands of viewers who have seen and shared the clip.

With nothing but a hoe and sack between them, the two plucky kids commenced to risk their lives to find big snakes to sell.

They eat danger for breakfast.

And they do this Every. Single. Day.

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Poverty and need can lead even the youngest of human beings to find a way to survive, even at the cost of their very existence.

A Cambodian monk shared the observation:

“This is a real life of the children in Cambodia at the countrysides. They sometimes catch the snake to make food, or they sell them to the other people to get money.”

These kids prove that when life is tough, they are more than willing to take the path most people wouldn’t dare.

And find joy in even the scariest of creatures.


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