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It’s true what they say: “curiosity killed the cat,” or in this instance, squid. The wild has its full share of survival of the fittest occurrences, and what happens on land occurs underwater, as well. This video of an inquisitive cephalopod has a sad and abrupt ending when an even bigger creature grabs it in full view of the camera.

The footage comes courtesy of RV Investigator, a CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research) marine vessel. The state-of-the-art ship does deep sea oceanography research, as well as the geological exploration of ocean ecosystems and marine real estate for future resource exploration.

The ship’s crew can tell you some pretty amazing things about the ocean.

The RV Investigator was on a study-and-survey jaunt of Australia’s waters when their underwater cameras caught this beautiful and terrifying recording of vicious marine animals.

At a depth of 139 meters (456 feet), the ship’s crew released an instrument with a line used as part of their research.

According to the national science agency, when this particular instrument is calibrated, it draws in a lot of ocean wildlife.

“When the equipment is being calibrated it tends to attract some inquisitive, and sometimes aggressive, squid!”

In this instance, a very curious squid attached itself to the line.

However, the cephalopod wasn’t able to satisfy its curiosity for very long. In a matter of milliseconds, something even bigger came along and ended its existence very abruptly. It happened so quickly that the research ship’s crew were stunned.

It didn’t help their utter astonishment any that the predator happened to be a bigger version of the prey. The poor creature didn’t stand a chance at all.

The crew may have expected this kind of behavior from more obvious animals, like sharks for instance, which Australia has an abundance of.

However, they didn’t anticipate this ruthless conduct from an ink fish. Thanks to the RV Investigator’s scientific exploration, they know more now.

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