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How fancy would it be to travel the world, just hit the road and wander? Climb mountains, go camping whilst enjoying your favorite s’mores with the company of great people. But how would you satisfy your wanderlust and embark on thrill-seeking adventures without entirely sacrificing the comforts that we can hardly live a day without?

The idea seems so far-fetched but this invention just might make those travel goals happen.

Here is a different take on camper vans invented by French company BeauEr. The 3X concept began in 2009 with the inventor’s idea to create ‘a small but expandable caravan that has everything like the big one.’ Aptly named BeauEr ‘3X,’ this caravan expands 3 times its original size in 20 seconds. It measures 8.5 feet long and 6 feet wide, designed to the size of a towed vehicle when on the road..

..and expands with a single push of a button based on the telescopic principle.

Source: BeauEr
The Camper Van of your dreams!

Source: BeauEr

Nothing like an ordinary tiny camper, BeauEr 3x offers more space for you and your stuff. It boasts a bedroom with a double bed, kitchen, a compact bathroom and living area. This unique caravan also comes with a dining table and sofa which can be converted to a double bed.

Indeed, less is more. And like tiny houses, 3X is giving us some major space-saving ideas and travelling goals. That’s comfort and freedom every traveler would love to have.

How cool is that!

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