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Little Boy “Talks” About His First Day of School with His Dead Twin and its Heartbreaking

They share a bond that goes beyond the grave.

Dondi Tiples





They say twins have some of the strongest bonds compared with other sibling relationships. Many twins can feel what the other is feeling, others get sick at the same time, have babies at the same time, and even die at the same time.

In one case, a little boy who lost his twin brother in the womb connects with his dead sibling even beyond the grave.

When Walker Myrick started his first day of kindergarten in Alabama at the age of 5, it was a milestone he would never share with his dead twin Willis.

The first day of school is always an exciting time for many children but unfortunately for Walker, Willis wasn’t with him to share the big day. Instead, Walker went straight to the cemetery after class ended and “talked” to Willis about his first day at school.

It’s a photograph fit to break anyone’s heart.

In 2007, Willis died in the womb at 24 weeks from a rare illness known as Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).

The only known photo of the twins together while still inside their mom.

TTTS is a condition that occurs when identical twins share one placenta, but only one fetus gets more blood flow than the other.

Their mother, Brooke Myrick says Walker has always shared a bond with his dead twin that transcends death. Four years ago, right after his first day of school, Walker asked to go to the cemetery.

“He told us he just wanted to tell Willis about school.”

Brooke was in the middle of carrying Walker’s younger sister out of the car when Walker ran ahead. She found him leaning against his brother’s headstone, “talking” to him about his day.

Brooke snapped the photo knowing she was capturing a very important moment that showed Walker and Willis’ amazing connection.

Watch a video about Walker’s heartbreaking “conversations” with his brother:

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Walker never met his twin, except in utero. Despite that, he and Willis share a tie that binds.

Walker visiting Willis to show him his new football.

When he visits his brother, he sometimes leaves presents.

These bittersweet meetings always tug at the family heartstrings.

“I think he feels a sense of peace at the grave site. Even though years have passed, he has told us he believes his brother is always with him. He does speak of him often and shares his brother with his friends.”

Now aged 9, Walker regularly visits his brother’s grave to “talk” to Willis.

The Myrick family is currently working to raise awareness of TTTS. They hold an annual fundraiser every March 6, the twins’ birthday, called the Walker and Willis Birthday Walk, and donate the proceeds to the TTTS Foundation.


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