This Is What Happens When Adele Encounters Sound Failure

During one of her concert in Birhimgham last year, Adele went through her performance of “all I Ask” even after all the speakers went off. Proving that she’s indeed a true professional, she kept singing the song until the sound came back on at just the right moment.

The sound failure happened around 2 minutes into her song, the sound for her microphone and piano was cut off which forced the 27-year-old to sing a capella in front of the sold out crowd. The singer went on without missing a beat as the audience sang along to finish the song.

After the performance, Adele commented about lip syncing allegations:

“Tell them I wasn’t miming. They might think I was miming, I wasn’t miming. Every f*$%ing show I sing live!”

Watch her performance. It happens at 2:39.

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The video went viral again 2 days after Mariah Carey was caught lip syncing during her disastrous performance on New Year’s Eve. Netizens commented that it was one of the worst lip-syncing fail ever, comparing it to how Adele handled a sound system failure as a true professional with the voice better than all your faves.

Adele handles sound failure during a concert like the pro she is. How’s that Mariah?

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