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College Student Earns $200 Per Day Just By Selling Positive Pregnancy Test Kits

There are many ways to earn cash online, but this one has got to be one of the most interesting!

Inah Garcia





Being pregnant and in college may sound like a life filled with financial problems but for a Florida woman, such situation has surprisingly helped her earn cash.

This woman, who chose to stay anonymous, says that she earns about $200 per day just by selling positive pregnancy tests online.

Gotta Make Money

“$200 in a day off, something I have to do no matter what,” she tells WJAX-TV. “Me being in college working on a bachelor’s and needing all this money to pay for a degree, this was a no-brainer.”

The college student got the idea while browsing the Internet for ways to earn money while pregnant. She sells each kit at Craiglist for $25 each, or $35 if the customer lives more than 60 miles from her location.

Legal or Illegal?

In her online ad, she writes that she does not care whatever her buyers will use the tests for – be it a prank tool for friends, a blackmail evidence for adulterous bosses, and the list goes on. She adds that this type of transactions do not entail any questions. Buyers just tell her what they need and she’ll give it for monetary gain.

While this so-called business does not violate any laws, attorney and former FBI officer Dale Carson says critics are most likely to surface. For him, this kind of situation is a good example of why lawmakers sometimes say, ‘We need to pass a law that says you can’t do this.’

Watch the video report here:

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Not A New Business

Selling positive pregnancy tests and urine on Craiglist has been going around online since 2013. In the same year, a woman from Buffalo was also admitted to doing the same thing. The practice continues as searching through the website shows us active ads, particularly in New York, where pregnant women sell their positive pregnancy tests for $25 to $40.

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Lucky Reddit User Gets Bill Gates As Her Secret Santa. His Gifts Are Epic!

Hats off to Bill Gates! What a generous, kindhearted man!

Mark Andrew



I’m not a Reddit user but after reading this story, I definitely want to create an account already – just to get a small, tiny chance of having Bill Gates as my secret santa next Christmas. By tradition, Gates puts his name into Reddit’s secret santa each year and one lucky Reddit user gets a gift from him.

This year, a Redditer by the handle Aerrix was the recipient of Gates’ generosity and coolness.

Source: redditgifts
In her own description, she felt “flabbergasted” upon receiving a huge box from the Microsoft co-founder.

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This Controversial Meme About Children And Consent Has Sparked A Great Debate Online

Asking your child to give your friend or relative a simple kiss or a hug might seem completely harmless but this viral meme tells us otherwise.

Mark Andrew



Asking your child to give your friend or relative a simple kiss or a hug might seem completely harmless but this controversial meme tells us otherwise. This recently went viral on social media and it has since sparked a lengthy discussion among netizens.

This meme about children and consent was posted online by the Facebook page A Might Girl.

Source: Facebook

It reads:

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MMA Fighter Gets Knocked Out, Gets Up, and Punches Referee

It was not his fault…




Perhaps you've heard about the MMA fighter who punched a ring girl after losing a match. Well, here's another crazy MMA-related story and this time, it's the poor referee who bore the brunt of the punches.

MMA fighter Frank "The Crank" Camacho was in the ring as the referee for a match on Trench Warz 20. One brawler received an illegal soccer kick in the head which sent him sprawling to the canvas. As explained by Camacho in his Instagram post, most fighters would usually stay down and cover their hands as if they are really in pain, which is a way to convince judges to call a disqualification on the opponent.

However, this brawler reacted differently.

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