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Game Warden Shoots at Two Deer with Tangled Antlers, Frees Them with One “Lucky Shot”

With one bullet shot, two beautiful animals get another chance to survive.


Deer, despite their seemingly gentle nature, can be vicious animals when provoked. This is especially true during mating season when randy bucks fight for dominance over who gets to mate with available females.

Sometimes it is a fight to the death.

In these cases, the bucks get trapped and are unable to free themselves. They struggle against one another to free themselves.

If unsuccessful, they slowly starve and become exhausted.

The struggle ends when one or both of them drop dead.

One such fight occurred in Coffey County, Kansas when two male deer got into a deep scuffle that tangled their wide antlers into each other.

Two game wardens came upon two fighting, tangled deer both of which suddenly became alert to the presence of humans.

While they were fighting to the death just mere moments ago, the two combatants abruptly shifted from being enemies to allies. Since they weren’t exactly locked head to head, they began to run side by side, with their antlers still intertwined.

The once-enemies cooperating with one another to escape.

They led wardens Lynn Koch and Brad Hageman a merry chase through the woods and open areas of Coffey County.

Koch told the Wichita Eagle:

“We chased them for probably over a mile. They could run faster than we could. We followed them across creeks, through trees and fields.”

The deer finally slowed down and fell when they got to icy grounds, and Lynn Koch decided to get off one lucky shot to free them.

One bullet, one chance.

Source: Grind TV

While firing at the deer risked harming or even killing them, Both Koch and Hageman decided it was the best course of action given the circumstances.

Koch’s body camera captured the whole scene, as he aimed his .45 Glock at the tangled deer antlers.

“All right, boys, hold still,” he is heard saying. “Hold still.”

He fired off one shot, which successfully freed the trapped animals, and the two former combatants ran off in separate directions.

Watch the video of the surreal “lucky shot:”

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Luckily for the deer, Koch’s lucky shot saved them. Last year, the game warden attempted the same feat to free another pair of tangled bucks, but he came too late. One of the deer was already dead.

In some cases, he has reported deer dead from exhaustion, and others too tangled in antlers they were killed and eaten by coyotes.

This time around, Koch is relieved the two fighting bucks survived, and will be free to fight again come next mating season.

A magnificent buck in full-antlered glory.

Source: Imgur


Newly Discovered Gecko Instantly Sheds Its Skin to Escape From Predators

Imagine if humans can do this.

When faced with stressful situations, like being eaten alive by a vicious predator, our instincts would tell us to either fight or take flight. We can't help it, we're programmed with such kind of stress response. However, there's a third option that only this newly discovered gecko can pull off - shedding skin, or scales, rather.

Geckolepis megalepis is part of the genus Geckolepis, which is a species of gecko characterized by fish-like scales that tear apart easily so they can rapidly escape from predators. It can measure up to approximately 2.8 inches in length and has the largest scales of all the fish-scale geckos in the world.

Each scale makes up about eight percent of the Geckolepis megalepis' body.

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Tourist, Bitten By Shark While Taking Selfie With it, Fined $6,200 For Animal Cruelty

This woman discovered it isn’t a good idea to take selfies with a shark!

Another tourist just learned that taking selfies with a shark isn’t exactly a good idea – and she had to learn it the hard way! This recently happened on a Brazilian beach where a woman, who remains to be unnamed at the moment, got bitten by the shark and then she eventually got fined with a huge amount of about Brazilian R$19,500 (approximately US $6,200)

According to reports, the video was taken at the beach in the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, off the coast of Brazil. The footage immediately went viral on social media, gaining numerous views and comments – which are mostly against the woman – from netizens from across the world.

On the video, you will see the tourist grabbing the small shark from the waters.

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Doctors Extract a Live Squirming Cockroach from a Woman’s Skull

The creepy crawly crept up her nose while she slept and made itself a cozy nest at the base of her skull.

People have derided cockroaches for hundreds, if not thousands of years. They’re wily, sneaky, disease-causing, and disgusting. Some infest and eat away at homes from the inside out and others offer their human detractors very painful bites. In India, however, one cockroach decided a live person would make an ideal host.

A 43-year-old woman arrived at a Chennai hospital complaining of a “burning” ache in her head. She reported having woken up in the middle of the night when she felt a “crawling sensation” up her right nostril.

Imagine one of these living inside you.

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