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Heroic 3-Year-Old Girl Saves Unresponsive Mom By Calmly Asking 911 Operator To Send Help.

Amazing response from a 3-year-old girl during 911 emergency.

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A child’s instinctive behavior is simply fascinating. Sometimes it makes us want to believe that they are adults trapped inside a young body. Their innocent, unassuming but brilliant ways never fail to get us every time, including how they react to certain situations, often trusting their instinct or gut feeling.

This brave little girl from Brick, New Jersey is all that and more. Despite her very young age, the 3-year-old decided to take action the moment she noticed her mother was unresponsive.

With no one to ask for help, she dialed the 911 hotline until she got hold of the operator. Trying to assess the situation and the kid’s strange request, the dispatcher tried to engage her in the call whilst asking some relevant questions.

Here’s a little bit of what has transpired during their 5-minute conversation.

“Could you come over?,” the little girl added.

Convinced that it was a real emergency and she needed someone to send help, the dispatcher wasted no time and assured the kid,

“I’ll try to have one of my friends come over and help you,” he said.

Fortunately, the team was able to trace her location and got there in time. The unconscious mother apparently passed out but was treated soon after. Meanwhile, this little girl is being lauded for her heroic act, saving her mother from a possible danger.

Well, it really pays to teach our kids how important a single call can make including how it can help save lives.

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