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Monkey Throws Tantrum When He Thinks Man On Motorcycle Will Leave Him

The little monkey throws a fit like a kid when he thinks his human friend is going to leave him.

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Monkeys are intelligent animals. In fact, scientists note that their behavior closely resembles that of humans. The people who are fortunate to have a pet monkey (legally, of course) can confirm this.

It has to be noted, though, that not everyone is capable of taking care of pet monkeys. A feature on The Guardian points out: “The image of primates as clever and interactive little human-like animals that can live alongside and play with us have appealed to many people.”

Monkeys are adorable, but not everyone can keep one as a pet.

Monkeys are adorable, but not everyone can keep one as a pet.

Source: Smosh

Of course, that doesn’t mean people immediately know how to care for monkeys. This is why there are a lot of articles cautioning people against keeping monkeys as pets. Some countries even ban people from keeping monkeys as pets.

Apart from ensuring that they are clean and well-fed, monkeys also require bonding time with their human companions.

Monkeys are generally best left in their natural habitat.

Monkeys are generally best left in their natural habitat.

Source: LA Now

People need to be fully informed about how to properly treat monkeys in every way. Otherwise, monkey could lash out against them and other people around them.

Bottom line you can’t get a pet monkey just because you think it’s cute. After all, keeping a pet takes commitment. Your pet will not be adorable all the time. They have needs that you need to attend to.

They’re like a father and his kid.

They're like a father and his kid.

In any case, at least one man doesn’t seem to have any problem interacting with a monkey that has become his constant companion.

A video showing a monkey acting like a toddler has recently gone viral. The video was uploaded on Facebook by Fouad Karroum. It shows a man on a motorcycle having some fun with a cute little monkey.

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In this video they seem more like a father and his child. Their interaction is truly fun to watch. The scene seems to be unfolding in a farm setting, as there are other workers nearby.

Isn’t their relationship precious?

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