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“This little piggy went to market,
And this little piggy stayed home,
This little piggy had roast beef,
And this little piggy had none.
But this little piggy went…
‘Wee wee wee!’ all the way to sea…”

Several things people know about pigs: they’re fat, pot-bellied, and wobble their way through life on four plump legs.

Except this one pig. His name is Kama, and he loves the water.

He loves it so much, in fact, that he surfs the waves!

Kai Holt, who lives in Hawaii, is Kama’s human. He met Kama one day when the tiny piglet walked into his cabana while Kai was camping on the beach with his family.

Kai adopted the piglet and named him Kamapua’a.

When he was three months old, Kama accidentally fell into the backyard pool, and to Kai’s surprise, the pig could swim.

It turned out Kama loved the water. Soon, man and pig became regulars at Sandy Beach where Kama enjoyed riding on Kai’s paddle board.

Kama graduated from the shallow “ankle slappers” and joined Kai on Full Point to “hang hooves” among the much larger waves.

Despite surviving serious wipeouts, Kama jumps right into the foam, and is ready when Kai paddles out to surf.

Kai is still pretty amazed at Kama’s enthusiasm.

“I think he enjoys it, you know. He really gets off on it. It seems like he has a good time out there.”

Their shared love of surfing brought the pig and his human closer. They go everywhere together, and even sleep in the same bed.

Kai put his burgeoning pig on a vegetarian diet when Kama topped the scales at 150 lbs.

Kai says they’ll be needing a bigger board soon.

Now over a year old, Kama the surfing pig has become a minor celebrity on Sandy Beach. In fact, he’s received some cool sponsorships. The pig has gotten free boards from Costco and clothes from Local Motion.

Even a GoPro camera in a special harness.

Like pro surfers of great renown, Kama has his own movie poster, and he’s made numerous appearances at local film festivals.

He even has his own Instagram account.
And fans!
Lots of them.

Kama is living the dream every surfer always has, and he’s not likely to quit anytime soon.

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