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A newborn baby boy is creating quite a stir in Bangladesh after he emerged looking like an old man.

Sporting wrinkles and hollow eyes on a shrunken body, his birth stunned doctors who believe he may have progeria.

The old-young baby.


A rare condition that visits one in four million people, the Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome is characterized by an irregular gene that affects young children’s bodies, causing them to age faster than normal.

The gene anomaly leads to the body producing an excessive amount of an abnormal protein called progerin, which breaks cells down faster.

With rapid cell breakdown in their systems, they age rapidly.


The baby boy, born in the Magura district of Southwestern Bangladesh came out sporting excessive wrinkles and very rough skin.

As well as a very hairy back.


The attending doctor who delivered him said the baby doesn’t look like a neonate at all.

Still, his parents are ecstatic over his birth. They call him their “miracle” child and are happy over the new arrival.

“We can only thank God. There is no need to be unhappy about the appearance of my son.”

His father, Biswajit Patro said.

“We will accept him the way he is. We are so happy to have a baby boy in the house. What else can we ask for.”

It is fortunate his family value him greatly.


The baby is expected to have a difficult life ahead.

Children diagnosed with progeria are often unable to live a normal life as their body continues to age at a progressive rate. They rarely survive beyond the age of 13.

In most cases, they are confined in the home to prevent bullying from other children scared of their appearance, or even adults who don’t understand.

Already, many curious people have been visiting the Patro home to get a glimpse of their new son.

Doctors still don’t have any treatment solutions for the newest Patro baby, but his family remains positive that with their love and care, he will grow up healthy.

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