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Spanish Princess Becomes The First Royal To Die From COVID-19

Rest in peace, Red Princess…

  • Spanish Princess Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Parma recently died from coronavirus (COVID-19), according to an official announcement by her family.
  • She died last March 26, 2020 in Paris. She was 86 years old.
  • Princess Maria Teresa was the third royal victim of the dreaded disease, after Prince Charles of Wales also tested positive of the virus.

Spain’s Princess Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Parma or also known as the “Red Princess” recently passed away after contracting the dreaded coronavirus (COVID-19). She was the first royal blood to die from the said virus.

The 86-year-old princess was a cousin of Spanish King Felipe VI. Her passing on March 26, 2020 was announced by the Princess’ brother, Prince Sixto Enrique de Borbon, the Duke of Aranjuez on their official Facebook page.

“S.A.R. Don Sixto Enrique de Borbón communicates that this Thursday, March 26, 2020, has passed away in Paris, at eight-six years old, his sister Maria Teresa de Bourbon Parma and Bourbon Busset, victim of coronavirus COVID-19,” an English translation of the prince’s announcement in Spanish, reads.

Her death came weeks after Spain’s King Felipe VI tested negative of the virus.

Princess Maria Teresa was born in Paris on July 28, 1933. She studied in France and became a Paris’ Sorbonne professor; and a professor of Sociology in Madrid’s Complutense University, Fox News reported.

She was known for her views in sociology, women right, and for being outspoken on different activist work that led to her nickname the “Red Princess.” She was also a member of the House of Bourbon-Parma which is known as a cadet branch of the Spanish royal family, the Insider wrote.

The funeral rights for Prince Maria Teresa was held last Friday in Madrid.

Earlier this week, Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son, Prince Charles of Wales, became the first British royal to be tested positive for COVID-19. He is now in self-isolation at Balmoral Castle in Sctoland.

Prince Charles fell ill of the virus after his meeting with Prince Albert of Monaco, who also tested positive. The latter is being treated by doctors at the Princess Grace Hospital, named after his late mother Grace Kelly.

Prince Albert told People Magazine that the virus can infect anyone and does not discriminate.

“There’s a lot of cases of people younger than 60 contracting it. It can hit anybody of any age,” Prince Albert shared.


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