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Woman Employs ‘Shy’ Nanny for $5 an Hour, Finds Out She Has Actually Hired Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s former boss was certainly surprised to find out her identity.

Many people adore the late Princess Diana for good reason. She had a kind and gentle spirit, and she exhibited true grace and humility despite her status as royalty. But before she became Princess Diana, Lady Diana Spencer lived a very quiet and private life, even as an aristocrat. She even once worked as a nanny, earning $5 an hour.

Back in 1980, an American businesswoman living in London named Mary Robertson needed help in taking care of her toddler son, Patrick. She needed a nanny to keep an eye on her boy while she worked. She called a local agency to look for a part-time nanny, and she was told that the only part-time nanny available was an 18-year-old young lady named Diana Spencer.

Mary Robertson needed a nanny, but she didn’t think she’d hire an aristocrat.

Diana came in for an interview, and she was hired on the spot by Robertson. Little did Robertson know that she just hired a member of the aristocracy to be her nanny. Diana was paid $5 an hour to watch over Robertson’s son. She was also tasked to accomplish other chores like washing the dishes, loading the laundry, and picking up toys.

Then Lady Diana was paid $5 an hour to watch over Robertson’s toddler son and do other chores.

One day, Robertson found a deposit slip under the couch from Diana’s bank. Robertson worked in finance, so when she saw Diana’s name and the name of her bank, she was able to put two and two together. She then knew that her nanny Diana is also Lady Diana Spencer from one of England’s oldest families.

When asked by Inside Edition about how Diana reacted when she confronted her about her discovery, Robertson said:

“She said, ‘Oh, that. Would you like me to take Patrick out for a walk now?’ And that was the beginning and the end of it.”

Princess Diana reportedly referred to her time working for Robertson as the ‘happiest year of her life.’

Mary was again surprised a few months later when news broke that Diana and and Prince Charles were seeing each other. Diana, not long after, gave her employer notice that she was leaving. And the next time she was seen by Robertson, she was getting married to royalty. The two women did not lose touch, however. According to Robertson, they continued their correspondence for the next 16 years. With their years of friendship, Robertson was one of the many mourners when Princess Diana passed away in 1997.

Hear more about the story from Robertson herself.

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World’s Largest Freshwater Pearl Formerly Owned by Catherine the Great Sold At $374,000

The Sleeping Lion was one of the famed empress’ prized jewels.

A freshwater pearl once owned by Catherine the Great was sold for an astounding $374,000 on May 31, 2018. The auction was done by the Amsterdam Pearl Society and was held at The Hague.

Considered as the world's largest pearl, the "Sleeping Lion" (noting its unusual shape) weighs 5.4 ounces and is 2.75 inches in length. According to the Venduehuis auction house catalogue, it was sold below its estimated value, which was was between $397,000 and $630,000.

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Why Is Iceland Green and Why Is Greenland Icy?

This is why I have trust issues…

Countries have interesting origin stories about how they get their names. Generally speaking, country names are either based on the land’s features, a tribe, a person, or even a directional description.

Bahrain, for example, literally means “Two Seas” while United States of America was named after Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. On the other hand, Norway, as its name implies, means “The Way North” or “The Northern Way” while Mauritania is based on the Mauris, the country’s largest ethnic group.

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Why Sin Eating Was Once The Worst Job In The World

Technically, it was a thankless job.

If you think you are unfortunate for having to hold on to a job that you think sucks, bear in mind that at one point in history, there were people who went the extent of risking their salvation just for money. For the so-called Sin Eaters then, it did not matter if they had to suffer eternal damnation in hell for as long they could eat and have some coins in their pockets.

While a Sin Eater is already a thing of the past, there is no questioning that it held the notion as being the worst job in England, Scotland, and Wales where it was practiced from the Middle Ages until the early 1900s. You see, a Sin Eater had to eat a piece of bread placed on the chest of a dying person, otherwise known as a sin-soaked bread, while the family of the would-be departing person watched, prayed, and drank a flagon of ale.

By eating the sin-soaked bread, it was believed then that a Sin Eater could absolve the dying person from his sins, and his chances of entering heaven would improve.

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