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Women Need To Go Out With Friends Twice A Week To Stay Healthy

Do you enjoy going out with your besties? You should do it more often!


One of the most important and yet least understood areas of psychology concerns is the role of friends in our lives. Though it might sound cliché, friends really do become closer than family at times.

In fact, this bond is so essential in women’s health that a study done by researchers from the University of Oxford. They revealed that women should go out with their girlfriends more often. The investigation pointed out that women seeing their friends twice a week is the key to achieve overall happiness.

Robin Dunbar, the researcher behind the study, noted in an interview that women’s overall health and wellbeing is improved when they get together with four closest companions two times a week in gatherings where they “do things.”

The list of “things” include drinking, gossiping, and the much-preferred topic – talking about rivals. The study has also linked quality girl time with multiple health benefits, like a stronger immune system, fewer anxiety levels, and increased in generosity.

But as we all know, not every friendship is the same. Not every woman needs a “squad,” and that’s completely fine. The research suggests that having four friends in the get-together is the maximum number to achieve physical and mental health benefits.

The study discovered that interact best when they talk about something that makes them laugh. Laughter is after all the best medicine. However, when the group is bigger than five people, funny circumstances that produce the necessary endorphins for happiness are not that credible anymore.

Alisa Ruby Bash, PsyD, LMFT. Studies at Stanford said:

“Research shows that women, [possibly] more than men, need to maintain those connections. It increases serotonin and oxytocin, the bonding hormone … We get busier, with more responsibilities. It makes us feel nurtured and validated to hang out with friends we can be totally ourselves [with], minus the outside pressures.”


Online Store Selling Ridiculous $650 ‘Thought Box’ To Help People Think

The product claims to promote “mental efficiency” by providing users with “personal space” to simply think.

A British online store just went viral recently after offering a strangely interesting product: a black cardboard box that apparently 'allows' people to think.

Aptly named the 'Thought Box', this limited edition item is being sold by The Form Emporium in their website with a price tag of around $650.

Yes, folks, you read that right. It's literally just a black box. Understandably, the product is so far receiving a lot of ridicule from netizens everywhere.

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Parents Express Worry As Their Children Start Talking Like Peppa Pig

Kids are talking with a British accent – and snorting – exactly like the cartoon character.

Young children are great imitators. Ask any parent about this and they'll all likely agree! Most kids are keen observers and they pick up things quite quickly not only from their friends and family members but from the media that they watch.

This is exactly the reason why some mothers and fathers across the world are having mixed reactions as they have noticed that their children have started talking with a British accent like Peppa Pig - and some have even copied the popular cartoon character's trademark snort!

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New Study Reveals Eating An Egg A Day Can Keep Heart Disease Away

Egg-cellent news!

Just like most health-conscious people, you’ve probably had an on-again, off-again relationship with eggs. One minute you're hearing people claiming their cholesterol causes heart disease and the next they say you better eat the whole egg or you’re missing out.

However, a new study seems to have finally settled the debate. According to a study in China, people who eat an egg every day may have a lower risk of heart attack and stroke than those who don't add them to their daily diet.

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