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Student Breaks Down After Parents Failed To Attend His Graduation from Elementary to College





We all know that graduation day is one of the proudest days of a student’s life, which is why most parents would do anything to attend the ceremony. A lot would even take a leave from work just to support their sons and daughters in order to witness this milestone.

But for one student, graduation is one of his saddest days. Jeric R. Rivas, a graduate from La Concepcion College San Jose Del Monte Bulacan, Philippines, shared how his parents had been absent in all the special moments of his school life.

Recently, Jeric graduated Criminology Service Awardee from his course Bachelor of Science in Criminology, yet he shed tears on this victorious moment because his parents were not there. Although they were never there for him all his life, he was still hoping that his parents would witness him graduate as the top student of his class.

The brokenhearted student took to Facebook to share his story. He shared:

“When I was in elementary school, I received the highest honor as the best student, but my parents never came. They were supposed to go on stage and tie a medal around my neck, but since they didn’t come, I didn’t take the medal.”

In high school, Jeric was awarded as “Best in TLE” yet his parents once again skipped his Recognition Day as well as the Graduation Ceremony held just a day later. He admitted that he was jealous of his classmates as their parents were very supportive, while his never cared.

Deciding to find a better life, Jeric left his hometown and sought his luck in Metro Manila. Unfortunately, his relatives rejected him from their homes. No one wanted him in their homes; instead, he was asked to leave.

After learning about his situation, a number of his professors helped Jeric. They offered him food, provided him extra cash for fare and school supplies, and even welcomed him to stay for some time in their homes.

Jeric also worked odd jobs to pay for his tuition fees. He even worked at a factory in Quezon, a fast food service crew, and a house helper.

When his college graduation day arrived, Jeric never lost hope that his parent would come and see him. But just like the previous important events in his life, they never arrived.

As his name was called on stage, Jeric tried to walk with pride but ended up crying harder as he pitied himself.

But while Jeric’s parents failed to show him love and support multiple times, his professors were there to remind him that there are people out there who are proud of him.

Jeric ended his Facebook post by thanking his professors and everyone who has helped him.

Despite the pain that he felt, Jeric still thanked his parents and wished that they are proud of him.

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