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Mother In Hot Water After She Abandons Pleading 5-Year-Old Daughter On Street

Poor little girl! She seemed very frightened.

A mother in Brazil faces child abuse charges when she was filmed abandoning her five-year-old daughter on the street. A witness has filmed the scenario as the little girl pleads her mother not to leave her alone.

The child was crying and pleading for her mother to let her in the car. However, the mother ignored the cries of her daughter and drove off.

During the commotion, the mother was seen replying to the pleas of the young girl but it’s unclear what she was saying.

Clinging to the vehicle, the girl frantically bangs on the window while wailing to be let in.

Source: Mirror

The young girl can be heard saying:

“Forgive me, Mom, please Mom, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

When she realized that her mother won’t let her in the car, she goes in front of the car to prevent her mother from leaving. The car came to a sudden stop.

When the girl went to the driver's side, the car sped away, sending the girl running after the moving vehicle.

Source: Mirror

The girl asked for help from a man who passed by but the mother picked her up moments after.

Despite this, the girl's mother is still facing charges of child abuse.

Source: Mirror

Detective Jose Barreto, from the Police Protection Centre for Children and Adolescent Victims of Crime (Nucria) said in a statement:

“We have opened an investigation into this case and the mother is possibly facing criminal charges of neglect and child abuse.”

“From what we can see in the video, it appears the child has been mistreated and her life exposed to risks and danger.”

The mother’s lawyer, however, said that she never had the intention of leaving her child behind. She defended herself by saying that she was not aware that the child was not in the car when she left.

Also, the lawyer defended that the mother said her child had been argumentative and disobedient. She turned the volume of the radio up in the bid to make her daughter sit still. She drove off without realizing that the girl left the car.

Watch the video below:

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