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Russian Dentist Films Himself Extracting His Own Wisdom Tooth

From injecting anesthesia to stitching the wound, this guy did it all by himself.






A video showing a Russian dentist performing dental surgery is going viral for the right reason. Well, that is because he is performing said surgery onto himself. And mind you, he filmed himself extracting his own wisdom tooth for the sake of entertainment.

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Desperate to remove one of his wisdom teeth due to discomfort, Dr. Rustam Yakhyaev from Surgut, central Russia, decided to perform the surgery himself. The 24-year-old doctor can be seen injecting himself with an anesthetic before proceeding further.

After having enough of the discomfort, the Russian doctor decided to extract the wisdom tooth without any help.

Of course, the wisdom tooth does not give in right away. He spends several minutes vigorously pulling it, from left to right and from top to bottom. Eventually, it pops out.

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Dr. Yakhyaev’s mouth is quickly filled with blood gushing from the traumatized gum area. But the show does not stop there. He proceeds to get some stitching tools and stitches himself. Ouch!

As soon as the anesthesia settles in, he begins the procedure.

The grim footage quickly got the attention of people on social media sites. Dr. Yakhyaev, who works for a private clinic, explained why he did it.

It was a completely new clinic and I always worked there without an assistant. That’s why I was alone when I pulled my own tooth out.

He added:

I pulled my lower right wisdom tooth because it was making me uncomfortable. I did an x-ray on it and it showed that it was impacted and needed to be removed.

And voila, the offending tooth pops out!

The young doctor clarified, however, that he performed the surgery after some tests. For instance, he studied how impacted the tooth was, so he would know the safest way of pulling it out.

When I decided to do it myself I switched on the camera just to make it a little more entertaining.

He also stitched the wound after.

He said that the procedure, in one way or another, was not difficult. That it went well, too, as the anesthesia did the trick.

Dr. Yakhyaev is a graduate of the Ural State Medical University in Yekaterinburg. He eventually moved back to his hometown in Surgut, central Russia, to work.

Check out the grim footage below:

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