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The Nazis’ capability to incite fear and horror especially among those they hunted and tortured even after the movement has been wiped out can be quite surprising as it is terrifying. Their presence is still felt by many in simple yet questionable technologies that have been rumored to be linked to the fascist National Socialist German Workers’ Party led by Adolf Hitler.

According to CS Globe, some of these technologies are still being used today including nuclear weapons, space planes, and even microwave ovens. While the connection of these to the Nazis remains under the conspiracy theory category, the very idea that they may be used as tools for mind control or genocide can still be quite scary.

But while there are things that remind you of the Nazis in an obvious way, this particular belt buckle looks innocent at first.

Nazi Belt Castle Gun


This lesser-known Nazi invention is something they wear not only to keep their pants in the right position but also to kill a person.

Hidden Pistol in the Belt Buckle


Yes! You read right. This Nazi belt buckle called “SS-Waffenakademie Koppelschloßpistole” or the “Belt Castle Gun” is actually a pistol invented by Louis Marquis. This terrifyingly cool instrument of terror was invented during the World War II and received a patent in 1935.

According to Phoenix Investment Arms, the Koppelschloßpistole was mass produced by the SS-Waffenakademie at Brünn (Brno) to be used during WWII by the Nazi. There were two designs produced at the time: one which has two barrels and measures 7.65mm; and another with four barrels in .22 cal or 5.6mm.

These neat hidden pistols were meant to be a last resort for Nazi soldiers to use whenever they are in a bind since the pistol can be activated by pressing the catch on the buckle or pulling a string for when the wearer is asked by an enemy to raise his hands in surrender.

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