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Man With Zero Customers Gets 500 In One Day, Thanks to a Facebook Post

It’s the people who have the least that often give the most.

Dondi Tiples





A fish-and-chips shop owner with a struggling shop became the recipient of enormous generosity when one customer used his marketing skills to make the establishment famous.

John McMillan, a 69-year-old Scottish immigrant in Alberta, Canada finally realized his decades-long dream. He opened his own fish-and-chips restaurant in Lethbridge to serve traditional British fast food.

Fish and chips are the U.K. equivalent of burgers and fries.

fb 1

Source: Colin Ross

Unfortunately, Lethbridge residents, not having tasted fish-and-chips before, weren’t flocking to the place. So McMillan’s shop remained mostly empty.

Until Colin Ross came over for a snack.

fb 2

Ross, 31, recently lost his job after layoffs in the oil industry. Not high on cash, eating out wasn’t a priority for him.

When he spotted Whitbie’s Fish & Chips one morning, he spontaneously decided to have an inexpensive snack. Once inside, he noticed he was the only person in the place.

“I just came in and walked in the door and saw this old guy just sitting there in a chair,” Ross recalled. “There wasn’t another soul in the place.”

He then ordered and ate the most “spectacular” halibut he had ever eaten.

fb 3

Source: Colin Ross

Despite the great food and the clean establishment, there didn’t seem to be any customers, however.

He asked the owner why, and McMillan told him he’d been struggling for the past few months due to lack of diners that he hasn’t even been able to pay himself.

Ross knew the feeling. He decided to make good use of his marketing background and create a social media post for Whitbie’s when he got home.

And so he did:

fb 7

The post immediately went viral. It was shared over 8,000 times over the next few days, and people started flocking to Whitbie’s.

In one day there were 400 customers, the next day, he had 500!

fb 4

Source: Colin Ross

McMillan was stunned.

After years of hard work with nothing to show for it, he was deluged with the largest crowds he ever had.

These days, Whitbie’s boasts of a full parking lot and lines of customers.

fb 5

Source: Colin Ross

McMillan couldn’t be happier. All thanks to a down-on-his-luck kind hearted young man.

“He did it out of the goodness of his heart and Lethbridge came and did it out of the goodness of their hearts,” McMillan said of his saving grace, Ross.

Fish and chips, anyone?

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Italian Policemen Cooked Dinner for an Elderly Couple

We tip our hats to these awesome gentlemen of the Italian police force!

Ann Nuñez



Italian police were preparing for the worst when they responded to a call concerning an elderly couple. But they weren't prepared for what they saw.

Fearing for the elderly couple's lives, concerned neighbors called the police. Upon their arrival at the scene, the police did not find any burglar in the couple's home; instead, they found out that the elderly couple was crying because of the bad news they saw on the television.

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Honest Homeless Man Returns a Stranger’s Wallet and Gets Offered a Job and a Home

Faith in humanity restored.

Ann Nuñez



It's these kinds of stories that make us believe in humanity again.

Woralop, 44, was probably a tad bit hungry when he spotted the Hermes wallet on the ground. He picked it up to return to the man who dropped it, but the guy was too fast. Checking inside, he found 20,000 baht (around USD 500). He was hungry and homeless, but he was also a dignified and honest man. So he went to the nearest police station and turned over the wallet to the authorities.

His actions didn't go unrewarded.

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Ann Moises



In 2011, a pig with a congenital defect made the news and captured the attention of people across the globe.

The hog, which is owned by a farmer in China, has no hind limbs; however, it learned how to walk using its front legs. The man said villagers delight in seeing the animal tread "like an upside down gymnast."

Then came Zhu Jianqiang (a swine who could do the same stunt) and Chris P. Bacon. These pigs acquired the same birth defect. Nonetheless, they both became celebrities locally and internationally. Chris P. Bacon, however, later received a wheelchair to help increase his mobility.

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