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Adorable 5-Year-Old Explains Why She Won’t Eat Animals in Viral Video

This adorable little girl decided she won’t eat animals anymore. Read on to find out why.

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The innocence of children in this modern, fast-paced world we live in can become a breath of fresh air. They are able to see the world in ways that might surprise us adults. As grownups, we no longer see purity in this cruel world after years of downfalls and bad experiences that stripped the innocence away.

Five-year-old girl Zada made her mother realize this when she adamantly decided never to eat animals ever again after finding out where her favorite meal comes from.

At the time, Zada was asking her mother what the word “vegetarian” meant. After finding out that the meat she loves to eat comes from animals, she declared that she will never eat animals ever again.

In the footage, Zada explains to her mother why she decided to turn vegetarian after just learning what the word meant. Teary-eyed, the little girl explains that she likes animals and that she is sure that animals do not like to be eaten or cooked.

“I think they don’t really like to be cooked in the oven.”

The video became viral with nearly 150,000 views in YouTube not only because such a young soul found it in her heart to stop eating animals, but the innocent pout and tearful declaration proved that what she was saying was from the heart.

Animals can be quite a close friend to people, especially to children. While many still turn a blind eye to the creatures’ plea, Zada, among several others, is starting a vegetarian revolution that would truly show their love for animals.

Share this adorably informative story to your friends and family. Who knows? Maybe hearing Zada’s logic could change their way of life too.

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