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Young Woman Moves To Island Of Senior Citizens And Takes On 9 Jobs

She is living the island life.






We all, sometimes, feel tired and stressed and are in need of a much-deserved break. This one woman took it to the next level and moved to an island far from the city. We may have seen it in the movies wherein the hero/heroine dropped everything and start a new life elsewhere.

26-year-old Sarah Moore became the youngest citizen on an island inhabited by senior citizens. She moved from the bustling city life in Edinburgh, Scotland to an island with a total population of 45 citizens and an average age of 65.

Sarah Moore, 26, abandoned the city life in Edinburgh for the island life.

Source: Twitter

Moving to an island and being the strongest, she took some of the jobs on the island since no one would take them. She’s a carer, air traffic controller, baggage handler, postal worker, digger driver on the farms, tour guide, firefighter, baggage handler, and clerk for the island council.

Sarah was enthralled by the beauty of the island.

She doesn’t miss the city life in Edinburgh.

Before moving to the island, Sarah worked in retail. She said that despite being in a populated place, she still felt alone and lonely. Sarah said,

“It’s not an easy life here, and it’s not a place anyone comes to get rich, but I love it. The city is too crowded and there’s no greenery or scenery. For me, there was just a dead-end job. Retail work is not for me.

“It was lonely in Edinburgh, even though there are so many people. I lived in the same house for 23 years and I only knew the people to the left and right of me, and here I know everyone.”

The only thing that she finds difficult in the island is dating since she lives with senior citizens. However, the seniors tried to help her out as they have been handing out her CV to younger guys. The seniors relied on Sarah too much and wanted her to stay and settle on the island.

Sarah said that she doesn’t really miss Edinburgh and sometimes visit her parents. Villagers are hoping to attract the younger people to live on the island.


Traveling Artist Creates Impressive Miniature Cut-Out Illustrations of Famous Landmarks

They’re so detailed!




Maxwell Tilse is a highly skilled illustrator who has been creating small but stunning drawings of the cities he visits. In his two years of staying in London, he has completed a remarkable series of miniature cut-out illustrations of different pubs and famous landmarks in the area. His creations are truly impressive.

While the little drawings are only about 5cm tall, they are extremely detailed. The intricate illustrations are able to capture London's rich architecture.

Tilse shares his works on Instagram.

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Dyslexie: The Font Designed for People with Dyslexia

It helps eliminate the usual reading errors of dyslexia.




Did you know that there's a font specially designed for people with dyslexia? And it was created by graphic designer Christian Boer, who has been challenged by dyslexia for as long as he can remember. He used his skills in graphic design to address the reading challenges related to this common learning difficulty.

The Dyslexie font claims to make reading, learning and working easier for people with dyslexia. Typography rules were set aside while designing the font. Instead, improved readability and challenges of dyslexia were set as the primary guidelines.

The most common reading errors of dyslexia include mirroring, changing, swapping, turning, and melting letters together.

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CCTV Footage Shows Hero Street Dog Saving Woman From Thief

Everything’s been caught on camera and it’s so satisfying to watch!

Mark Andrew



Dogs. Who doesn’t love them, right? These creatures are considered more than just pets but they’ve even earned the much-deserved title ‘man’s best friend’. They make great companions because they’re loyal and loving!

In some instances, they can also be great protectors. Remember that guy from Queensland, Australia who was saved by his dog from an Eastern Brown Snake? That poisonous serpent is considered as one of the deadliest in the world and the man’s life was spared because of his watchful and courageous friend.

Well we’ve got another story of someone being saved by a dog – this time from a human attacker!

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