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8 Amazing European Cities You Could Visit On A Tight Budget





People usually think of heading to Paris or Rome when planning a European holiday. However, visiting these major tourist cities could get costly. In addition to that, the locations are often crowded to the point that you can’t really have too much fun. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you need to remove visiting Europe from your bucket list when you’re on a budget.

There are several underrated destinations scattered all around Europe. Interestingly, you can see these cities even when you have a tight budget. For example, Belfast in Ireland is already becoming an ideal tourist spot thanks to Game of Thrones choosing the city as their filming location. Here are eight more European cities you can visit without breaking the bank.

1. Enjoy the nightlife at Brno, Czech Republic

Prague might be the most popular Czech city but Brno is quickly catching up. Luckily, the prices aren’t soaring as high as they are in Prague. Brno has a fun nightlife and a growing wine scene. Check out Super Panda Circus Bar where ordering a drink is an adventure in itself.

2. Dip into a massive thermal bath in Budapest, Hungary

Digital nomads have been slowly turning Budapest into an ideal place to work remotely. Some believe that visitors are choosing to stay in the city because it is the thermal bath capital of the world. If hot springs are not your thing, you can always check on the numerous ruins bars around the city.

3. Feel like royalty in Edinburgh, Scotland

You will love looking around Edinburgh Castle, where you can also find Scotland’s crown jewels. Holyrood Castle also offers tours but you can always check the local music scene if you want something more current.

4. Visit Braavos when you go to Girona, Spain

Remember when Arya Stark had to fight the Waif in the sixth season of Game of Thrones? Those scenes were filmed at the Jewish Quarter and the Girona Cathedral. Luckily, you don’t need to borrow gold from the Iron Bank of Braavos to see these magnificent locations.

5. Attend a music festival in Tallinn, Estonia

People will tell you that everything is ridiculously cheap in this city. Tallinn is big on folk music, food, drinks, and culture, all at a reasonable price. You can reportedly enjoy a weekend staying in a fancy four-star hotel for as low as $120.

6. See the famous lakes of Azores, Portugal

The Portuguese island has some interesting lakes that can be visited on a budget. People love seeing Lagoa das Sete Cidades or the Twin Lakes with their contrasting colors.

Food and lodging are also fairly affordable considering the stunning sights around the island.

7. Sample the local vodka at Warsaw, Poland

The amazing architecture alone should be enough to compel anyone to visit Warsaw. However, the city also offers an impressive array of local vodka. Teetotalers will also enjoy finding yummy donuts in almost every corner around Warsaw.

8. Drink wine just about anywhere in Siena, Italy

You don’t need to max out your credit cards in Siena. Most of the attractions are completely free of charge. In addition to that, drinking in public is absolutely legal so you can sample the wine freely.

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