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Kids Searching For Rabbit Holes, Discovers A Creepy Secret Inside Mysterious Cave

Find out the mystery of their discovery!

Ivan Menchavez





Every country has its own story filled with mystery and some of these stories can give anyone the creeps.

Just like this story of little coffins found in Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland. Arthur’s Seat is part of the beautiful Holyrood Park, which is pretty famous for its natural attraction.

Legend has it that the Arthur’s Seat is said to be the possible location of King Arthur’s Camelot. However, there is another story that surrounds this gorgeous hill, which remains to be a mystery up until today.

In the year 1836, five boys were out hunting rabbits in one of the magnificent slopes of Arthur’s Seat.


They never expected to find a small cave in the area.


While they wander the hill searching for rabbit holes, they discovered a mysterious cave. Out of curiosity, the boys went inside the hole.

That is where they found something they did not expect to see.

A Cave Filled With 17 Tiny Coffins

The boys were shocked when they stumbled across seventeen miniature coffins hidden inside the small cave. Each coffin was carved in a wood and decorated with tinned steel.

These things are definitely creepy.


It was certainly an experience those boys would never forget in their lifetime.


There have been many theories as to what those coffins are or who owns them.


To this day, nobody can provide a definite answer that can finally solve the mystery of Arthur’s Seat.

At the time of their discovery, many speculations have surfaced


Many people thought that those objects are connected to witchcraft. However, most residents believe that the coffins symbolized the seventeen victims of the infamous Edinburgh murderers, Burke and Hare.

The little figures were found seven years following Burke’s execution.


Too bad, investigators today who will try to attempt to uncover the mystery of the coffins will be having a hard time because most of the objects were either destroyed or lost.

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Fascinating 1960s Photos Show How Afghanistan Was Full of Life Before Taliban

The place really looked peaceful back in the days.

Mark Andrew



When you hear the word ‘Afghanistan,’ the last thing that will pop to mind would definitely be a laidback lifestyle. Nowadays, the republic has literally become a war zone mainly because of the Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist political movement .

As it appears, however, things weren’t always dark and gloomy in the country. The vintage photos below show how the place was full of life back in the days. These images were taken in 1967 by Dr. Bill Podlich, a university professor from the United States who was assigned by UNESCO to work in Afghanistan for a couple of years. He captured a lot of interesting pictures at the time and now we couldn’t help but feel sad about how things turned around for the nation. It really looked peaceful back then.

#1 Young photographer At Paghman Gardens

afganistan before taliban 1

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The 9 Most Mysterious Ghost Ships in Maritime History

These phantom ships are real. And none of the people on board were ever found—alive, that is.

Ann Moises



A phantom ship is a vessel with no living crew on board. Some may associate such a boat with The Flying Dutchman, a legendary ghost ship from a myth that likely originated from a 17th-century nautical folklore, and which was made more popular in The Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.

However, the tales of the ghost ships you are about to read are real. They are not a figment of one’s imagination, although their stories are as bewildering and as spine-chilling as a horror film.

These boats had been discovered aimlessly drifting at sea with all the crew and the passengers missing. People have speculations, but until their bodies are recovered, no one will know for sure what happened to them.

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8 of the Most Dangerous Children’s Toys From The Past

Some toy manufacturers can be so mindless.

Mark Andrew



It’s baffling how some toy manufacturers can be so mindless. By design, toys should be child-friendly so the kids can play with them without encountering any kind of risk.

Regardless of that, there are companies that go ahead with insane concepts in their attempts to come up with something revolutionary.

Case in point, the eight toys featured below are some of the most dangerous ones you will ever see. Looking at them now, it’s really hard to believe these toys were created in the first place. Can’t help but wonder what the manufacturers were thinking.

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