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Amazing Filipina Teacher Crosses 5 Rivers, Walks For 2 Hours Just To Reach Her Students

Despite her daily struggle to commute, she remains hopeful that all her sacrifices will have a great impact on her students, creating a ripple of change in her community.


A teacher from the Philippines Elizabeth Miranda endures a two-hour walk, and crosses five rivers just to go to school. Despite her daily struggle to commute, she remains hopeful that all her sacrifices will have a great impact on her students, creating a ripple of change in her community.

The heroic teacher said that her body is already used to the daily commute; it only gets difficult when it rains because the current flows stronger during this kind of weather.

Elizabeth Miranda is the only teacher who can educate the kids living in Sitio Barogante at Occidental Mindoro because the place is so remote.


She said the trip takes about three hours, but it’s all worth it.


While there are rivers that she can easily cross, there are also those that she can’t without the help of a lifebuoy or, in Filipino, “salbabida.” The teacher is very thankful that there are locals within her community who lends her a hand in crossing the rushing stream each morning.

There are rivers that she can’t cross by foot so she has to ride on these “salbabidas.”


The school Miranda teaches at is just small hut devoid of the conveniences and educational tools that city classrooms have, such as air-con, gadgets, and television. Miranda confessed that the kids don’t even have food. Despite these lack of facilities, the students are still lively and happy to be learning from the only teacher in the neighborhood.

Being able to see the joy in the kids’ eyes as they learn gives her hope that her sacrifices would not be wasted.


There are moments that Miranda already wants to give up, and doubts that she can actually change things in the place for the better. During these moments of uncertainty, she just turns to her students for hope. As she continues to see the interest of students rise each class, she stays positive that she’s influencing young minds to fall in love with knowledge.

Her sacrifices won’t go to waste because the kids are learning.


Miranda also hopes that people would start noticing her effort and help her in her mission to teach kids in Sitio Barogante, Occidental Mindoro. Hopefully, the government builds a bridge or a better school for the kids and the heroic teacher.

Watch the amazing documentary about this heroic teacher here:

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