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Woman Buys Random Items Online, Including a Full-Sized Basketball Court While Sleepwalking

Should this be called “sleepshopping”?

Online shopping is already a concerning habit when you’re wide awake, and one mom found out that it is still pretty dangerous for your wallet while sleeping. Kelly Knipes almost plunged into heavy debt because she frequently shops online while sleepwalking!

The 37-year-old has been battling with this condition since childhood, and it has become more severe as an adult. In fact, her rare sleeping disorder led her to spend almost $4,000 on internet shopping sprees while fast asleep.

Kelly often woke up in the morning to discover email receipts for all sorts of items she’d purchased while sleepwalking. But her most bizarre sleep purchase is arguably a full-sized plastic basketball court, which arrived via delivery lorry at her home the next day.

Aside from online shopping, she would also carry out random activities that are highly dangerous not only to herself but to her children as well.

She said:

“When I was 20 weeks pregnant, I took an overdose in my sleep. Because I am diabetic I have to take medicine for it and I overdosed on metformin.”

Kelly shared that she had a dream that she was talking to her doctors that she didn’t want to take the medicines anymore, and ‘lo and behold, she woke up and consumed all the tablets. Good thing she didn’t suffer any consequences from taking all the pills, as she was worried that her kids will be taken away from her.

Kelly’s symptoms worsened following the birth of her first son. But despite several trips to the doctors, nothing was really done to effectively heal her, they only told her that it was due to stress.

Knowing that her condition is more than just being stressed out, Kelly wrote to two consultants, sharing her case and asking for their help. One of the consultants she reached out to greed to take on the case.

She was then diagnosed with sleep apnea and parasomnia, which explains her sleepwalking and nightmares. Thankfully, Kelly has undergone treatments which help tremendously with her disorders.


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