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Internet Goes Crazy With These Gigantic Pool Inflatables That Can Fit Up To 6 People!





One of the cool things about online shopping is that you can always find weird, interesting stuff that usually don’t make it to brick-and-mortar stores. You know it if you’re a frequent online buyer. The web offers everything from the useful to the useless!

Although the obvious downside of this is that you can’t inspect items upclose before purchasing, the great news is that you can always rely on the details provided in the description plus the reviews posted by other buyers.

Recently, though, netizens are going wild over some pool inflatables being sold by Sam’s Club, a US-based online retailer. What’s so special about the product, you say? Well you have to check out the photos below!

How would you like to have your own GIGANTIC floats?

Source: Sam's Club

Yes, their inflatables are unbelievably massive that each one can hold up to six adults and, according to the website, they measure 9 feet x 16 feet.

As if that wasn’t enough, the floats also come with awesome features – including cup holders, benches, and built-in coolers for drinks.

So yeah, as anyone can tell, it’s definitely a fun party waiting to happen!

The giant inflatables come in different designs and are sold for about $150 each.

Source: Sam's Club

They have it available in flamingo, peacock, and unicorn. Some customers even shared that despite the large size, the pool toys only require about 20 minutes to inflate using a single hand pump.

Many Twitter netizens are totally crazy about these “dream” floats.

Source: Sam's Club

As one user tweeted:

“Holy s*** that’s the dream!”

Meanwhile, another wrote:

“We need it. Think of the time spent floating on the lake this summer.”

Your own personal animal island on the water!

Source: Sam's Club

These inflatables are totally hot items and check this out if you want one.

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