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Man Buys $830 Smartphone Online But Shockingly Received Two Packets Of Wet Wipes Instead

The downside to online shopping ….


Online shopping has, undoubtedly, made shopping a more convenient experience. One of the downsides, however, is that you can’t really judge the quality of the item physically before paying for it. And then there’s also that harsh possibility of getting the wrong item after paying a lot for it.

That’s exactly what happened to one man in Malaysia, who ordered a smartphone through the popular Southeast Asian online shop, Lazada. The man paid RM 3,219 (around $830) for the phone but he got the biggest surprise when he opened the box.

Imagine how someone would feel if this came with the box instead of a smartphone.

This was ordered through Lazada.

The 32-year-old customer purchased the item in December last year.

After discovering he received the wrong item, the man immediately filed a police report.

As stated in the police report, the man tracked the delivery of his package, which was supposed to arrive between Dec 16 and Dec. 20. On Dec. 15, he checked and saw that the package should arrive on his doorstep by 1 p.m. But something was off when at 9 p.m., it was stated that the parcel didn’t make it.

The following day, his father informed him that a package arrived at 1 p.m. It was his older brother who met the delivery guy to collect the parcel. The item was delivered by a man who drove a white car instead of a commercial delivery van.

The man contacted Lazada and had the wet ones shipped back hoping for a refund.

The online shop had updated the order status in January only after the man called again for an update. Two months have gone by and still, he heard nothing from Lazada. And that was the final straw.

The man took to Facebook to share his negative experience with Lazada.

Taking to social media worked for the man because Lazada issued a refund on Feb. 25.

Not only that, the man met with Lazada’s Chief Commercial Officer, Christophe Lejeune, who personally apologized to the customer. An investigation will be conducted to prevent similar cases from happening.

Lazada's CCO Cristophe Lejeune set up to meet with the customer.

We can’t deny that online shopping is fun and is a convenient option to purchasing stuff without having to leave your home. But this incident should be a reminder to all online shoppers to be vigilant always when choosing products. Checking the product reviews before ordering also helps with making the experience safe.

Lejeune said people are welcome to share their negative experiences with Lazada through their official Facebook page. He assured the public that the team will address the problems swiftly.


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