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Online Shoppers Got Duped Into Buying Miniature Versions of Full-Size Products




  • Facebook user Gio Lumines’ mother thought she got a great bargain for a full-size cabinet, but what she got was a doll-size version.
  • People who commented on his post were victimized the same way and they posted pictures of miniature items that they got.
  • One user got a giant airpod instead of a miniature version.

With most people staying at home during the pandemic, having stuff delivered has become the norm. Now people have become so busy putting things into their shopping cart online that they forgot to scrutinize what they are about to buy.

Facebook user Gio Lumines shared photos of the cabinet that his mother purchased online and what was delivered is definitely NOT what she expected.

See, his mother wanted a full-size cabinet…

She should have suspected something was up given the price tag. The cabinet was priced at only PHP 700 (roughly US$15). No human-size cabinet is that cheap, but hey, since everything is made in China nowadays and Chinese-made goods are unbelievably bargain-priced, she must have thought she scored a great deal.

So the cabinet turned out to be SO tiny.
It was the perfect size for a doll-house.

As if this weren’t funny enough, the people who commented on his post made it even more hilarious. Turns out a lot of them were victimized the same way and they posted pictures of miniature items that they got instead of the real-life size that they supposedly bought, with corresponding comments.

Adrian Reyes: “My father also bought a cabinet worth ₱1,500 ($20).”
Hannah Dejiga: “The sewing machine we bought.”
Manuel Santos: “Never again.”
Cris Tinen: “The sink cabinet and dresser we bought.”
Hezeru Komaku: “My father was victimized too, I just kept quiet about it.”
Ernie Cordova: “My motorcycle is broken and I need the tools. Why, Shopee?! Give me my money back!”
Kielly Mae V. Santos: “You’re not alone, bro.”
Jimmy Pusag: “Anyone need a water dispenser?”
Rizza Marie Arellano: “I feel you, brother.”
Rosemarie Iquiran: “They said it’s good for two people.”
AY Rish: “Our side table.”
Renee Fernandez: “Says, it was on sale with free 2 cups. – ₱400 ($8)”
Aickah Prado- Marcelo: “I was supposed to plant my cactus in it.”
July Leis: “My mom bought this for ₱350 ($7) each.”
One guy offered to buy the miniatures to accessorize his toy figures:

A girl got something different when she bought airpods. Instead of getting a miniature like the rest of them, what she got was this:

Some commented that these people should have looked at the product reviews first and really looked at the specifications before purchasing stuff. But not all are that careful and skeptical about how ridiculously cheap the products are.

At least it’s a funny lesson for the rest of us online shopping horde.

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