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Religious Leader ‘Penis Baba’ Stuns Crowd By Towing Car 100 Ft Using His Manhood

“It is not art. It is the power of God – the power of devotion.”


A religious leader in India has wowed the crowd with his unusual performane, which involves having his penis pull a car to 100 feet. Known only as “Penis Baba,” the “monk” raises eyebrows as he fiddles under his robes. What he was actually doing is tying a rope to his dong to prepare for his stunt.

Hundreds of people from Harpur village in Bihar, India came to watch the religious leader step backward and start pulling the car with only his member.

A video of Penis Baba's stunt made the rounds online.

Crowds gather to cheer on as the religious leader starts to pull a car with his penis.

He then told people that he has a gift from God.

As Penis Baba steps back to pull the car, he proclaimed that what he’s doing is not a form of art. Instead, he believes it’s the “power of God — the power of devotion.” He added that anyone can do anything by being devoted to God.

“It is not art. It is the power of God – the power of devotion. Any person can go to any extent by doing devotion to God.”

As reported by The Mirror, one of the people who watched the religious man that Baba, as a child, went away to seek knowledge and practice penance. Years after, he returned and surprised the crowd with his “God-given talent.”

Check out the video below.

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Baba is not the only one who seems to have this kind of talent. Early this year, another holy man performed the same stunt — only he pulled a truck and did it naked.

The man, a “Sadhu”, stunned the crowd as he performed the feat during the country’s Magh Mela festival.

The man was a "Sadhu," or a respected person who left earthly possessions in favor of enlightenment.

Source: RexFeatures
He wore only beads as he pulled the truck with his dong.

The holy men perform these kinds of acts to show their devotion to God.

Religious men like Baba perform acts of endurance like pulling a heavy object with their private parts to show people their yoga mastery and spiritual strength.


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