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Daredevil Climbs Paris’ Second Tallest Building Without Any Safety Gear




  • A daredevil climbed one of the tallest in the capital of France. The said climber scaled the 689-ft Montparnasse Tower.
  • Concerned locals alerted the authorities about the stunt and he was eventually taken into custody after making it to the top.
  • He climbed the building without using any safety equipment, making some observers think it was a suicide attempt.
  • A rescuer offered help but the unidentified man just kept climbing.

A Polish man made headlines after scaling one of the tallest buildings without using any safety gear. After a long climb, he eventually made it to the top and then he ended up getting arrested for the stunt.

Videos circulated on social media featuring the daredevil who climbed the Montparnasse Tower, which stands at 689 feet (210 meters). Police cars and ambulances were also called to the scene by concerned citizens.

Locals couldn’t help but stop and watch the man as he ascended on the iconic glass and steel structure.

One of the passers-by who caught the stunt on film shared it online wrote:

“He set off from the bottom soon after 7pm and didn’t stop. It looked incredibly dangerous, and some thought it might be a suicide attempt, but he just kept going.”

No ropes, no harness – no anything!

The unnamed man, who was spotted wearing a white cat shirt and shorts, climbed the building with his bare hands.

A rescuer eventually approached him to offer help but the scaler refused and simply continued with his goal to reach the top of the skyscraper.

Eventually, he was arrested by the police.

In a Daily Mail report, we read that a police source said:

“A man was taken into custody at the Montparnasse Tower following an illegal climb.”

Watch the video report here:

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Meanwhile, you can watch the full footage here:

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