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This Daredevil’s T********* High Dive Footage Shows Us Exactly How Its Done

The water would instantly turn brown at the moment of impact if I did that.

While high diving is always a thrill to watch, it is an activity I would much rather watch than attempt to perform in any way. Why? Well, let me give it to you straight – I simply don’t have the guts to do it! First off, I’m scared of heights and second, why would I even try to pull a crazy stunt like that and risk my life?

This viral video we shared below simply confirmed my fears that, yes, high diving looks much more t********* when you are up there.

Professional high diver Carlos Gimeno shows us exactly how he does his t********* stunts.

Source: YouTube

Carlos Gimeno, who describes himself in his Facebook page as a “professional high diver” and “artist at The House of Dancing Water” can be seen doing insane backward handstands while at an approximately 25-meter high diving board – and he does it all with impressive precision.

The video went viral as it left netizens impressed with Gimeno’s staggeringly crazy dive.

Source: YouTube

We first took notice of this video just recently after Unilad posted it on their Facebook page. The caption? Well it was short and straightforward – “high diving is f**king t*********!”

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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While everyone was totally blown away with Gimeno’s dive, several netizens took the time to inject some humor in the comment section.

One commenter at the Unilad post said:

“The water would instantly turn brown at the moment of impact if I did that.”

Another wrote:

“What I wanna know is how the heck did his balls fit in that pool?!!”

Meanwhile, a netizen pointed out:

“Now he has to climb all the way back up to get his GoPro.”

The message here, of course, is simple – none of us can do what you can, Mr Gimeno.

Source: Publico

You’ve got balls of steel!


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