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Pro Pilot Pranks Flight Instructor, Surprises Him With Stunts In Her Practicum

The flight instructor didn’t see it coming.


The prank culture is getting bigger than ever. From the cast of Jackass to the new generation pranksters, we see all kinds of practical jokes and some are just so good for laughs.

One of the best kinds of pranks is the one where a victim comes to realize his best wasn’t good enough after all. It’s quite hilarious to see people believing others are dumb, but when it’s time to test their skills, they just surprise their audience with how good they are.

This ATP and aerobatic pilot surprised a flight instructor with her daredevil stunts up in the air.

Source: youtube

We’ve already seen quite a few videos with this kind of concept. There’s a man dressing up as an elderly person only to show up in a park, daring a youngster in weightlifting. Another notable joke was when a female pro racer took fancy sports cars for a test drive while looking like a first-time driver, but once she took over the wheels, she showed her clueless passenger how it is to drift.

She pretended to be a nerd and took a class under flight instructor, Tom.

Source: youtube

And now, pranksters are taking the stunts up to the skies. A group of practical jokers teamed up with another gorgeous, female pro pilot to scare the heck out of a flight instructor while they go on a practice a couple of feet above the ground.

Former fashion model, Nadia Marcinko, walked into the Warwings in Palm Springs, California, pretending to be a Youtube star who needs to take a class for her new content, but isn’t actually interested in learning to fly a plane. Dressed to look like a ditzy, young girl, Nadia spent more of her time in class playing games on her phone while F.I. Tom kept his cool and patiently taught her about the plane and how to properly operate it.

Nadia pretended to make a few mistakes, which made Tom totally nervous.

Source: youtube
Until Nadia showed what she really is capable of.

Source: youtube

Of course, Nadia doesn’t actually need to undergo the basic education as she is an FAA-certified, commercial rated and aerobatic pilot, and a flight instructor herself too. Tom didn’t have the slightest clue that he was lecturing a flying nerd who can practically do any stunts she wants with the P51 Mustang that he was speaking about in class.

So now it’s time for the test.

Source: youtube

Tom was nervous to leave the controls to his uninterested student. But as soon as Nadia took over, she showed Tom what she’s really capable of and it blew his mind.

A gorgeous pilot and prankster, a legendary plane and a nervous victim are all we need to see in a good prank and this one certainly delivered.

Watch the whole prank from the video below.

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