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Man Gives Grandmother Mouth-to-Mouth As A Last Attempt To Save Her Life




  • A 30-year-old pilot was photographed trying to save his grandmother at the parking lot of the General Hospital of Mexico. 
  • He left his grandmother in the car but found her unconscious when he returned.
  • This shook the man enough that he did a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation attempt, despite the fact that his grandmother was infected with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Photos of a nameless young man trying to revive his grandmother at a parking lot have surfaced online, breaking the hearts of netizens everywhere.

The tragic incident took place at the parking lot of the General Hospital of Mexico in Mexico City. It was captured on camera by Moses Pablo of the Mexican agency Cuartoscuro.


According to reports, the young man in the photo is actually a 30-year-old pilot. He was at the parking lot as he was trying to get his grandmother admitted at the hospital because of a respiratory infection. She was reportedly diagnosed with COVID-19 but was initially asymptomatic. When she started exhibiting symptoms the young man brought her to the hospital.


After leaving her to wait in the vehicle, the young man was horrified to find his grandmother unconscious upon his return. Without thinking about possibly contracting the virus, he immediately sprang into action and attempted to resuscitate her. However, she was declared dead before the doctors can attend to her.

The medical staff close to the triage of the COVID-19 patients helped the young man get his granny’s death certificate instead.


El Diario de Nanchital reported the story from the photos captured by Pablo. There were no further details about the young man.

As of press time, it is unclear if the young pilot had been infected by COVID-19 after the impromptu attempt to save his grandmother.

Read the full post from El Diario de Nanchital here:

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