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Pilot Dad Resigns From Airline After 40 Years To Fly With Daughters Working For Rival Company




  • A 58-year-old pilot decided to leave the airline he worked for after a 40-year career.
  • His reason? He wanted to work in the same company as his two daughters, who are now pilots as well.
  • The awesome dad had to get a new rating and is starting fresh as a junior pilot just so he could get the chance to fly with his daughters.

You know you have a great dad when he would do anything just to spend more time with his children. That’s exactly why one awesome pilot is being praised. The 58-year-old father found out that his two daughters were working as pilots for a rival airline. So he decided to leave the company he worked in for the past 40 years and got a job at his daughters’ airline.

The story was shared by Safia Anisa, one of the pilot’s daughters. In Anisa’s Twitter post, she revealed that her father is a veteran pilot who had worked for Malaysia Airlines for 40 years. However, he gave all of that up as soon as she and her sister Amira were both accepted by AirAsia.

Anisa gushed about her father’s awesome move.

According to Anisa, her father promptly left MAL, applied for the rival company, and got accepted as a junior pilot just so he could fly with his daughters before he retires. Since all pilots must retire at the age of 65, the awesome dad made the choice just so he could have the honor of flying with his girls.

He doesn’t even mind that his daughters outrank him as long as they can hang out together!

It’s a surprising move considering that the pilot was set for a comfortable retirement if he stayed with MAL. After all, he’s been working for the company for four decades.

In addition to that, he ended up having to get a new rating and is ranked lower than his daughters as a junior pilot despite his extensive experience. However, it doesn’t seem to bother him since all he wants is to see his girls on a regular basis.

Anisa with her awesome dad.

It’s an amazing story that once again proves that some dads are simply the greatest.

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